well, this isn’t what i wanted to show you

17 Oct


i was going to tell you about my weekend.

and show you pictures.

wordpress has other ideas right now.

let’s just say it involved a physical inventory which had me working most of the day saturday.


but a huge bag of kettle corn and a pedicure made up for it.

i also wanted to show you part of my costume for the tap-n-run this weekend.

you’ll just have to wait.


i’ve been training harder for the tap n run than the big hit half marathon in 2 weeks.

this should be interesting.

also.  any web geeks out there want to help me host my own blog?  this glitch is one of many i’ve experienced lately.

all 5 of you reading might not care.

but, it’s something i’m pondering.



yes, in case you were wondering.

there was football this weekend.



weekend plans. plus football…..week 5

10 Oct

saturday was spent getting woodford pup’s stitches taken out after we ran 4 miles together

no real big hassle and it was nice to get a semi check-up from the vet to hear that mister woodford is the perfect weight, is now 25.2 lbs, and that running/walking him 8+ miles a day is fine.  that poor dog never tires…

unfortunately i do.

smoothie king is not somewhere i typically stop, but it was right next to the fabric shop i was in.  it packed a healthy punch of carbs and calories while remaining relatively vegan (i don’t classify honey as a no-no, and i’m not sure what’s in the carbo mix they add, so ignorance is bliss) but for $8 i doubt it’ll become a habit.  i think these are meant as a meal replacement as well – too many calories for a snack.

anywho – i’ll post pictures of my bench/dog bed that’s in the works soon.  i just need to decide on the fabric to make the cushion.  i found lovely fabric at boone’s off shelbyville rd.  but $60 for 3.5 yards is not quite what i had in mind.  i’m doing some online thrifting today.

after i got home, the boyfriend was finishing up work and he let me know he felt like he was growing roots at the condo.

so we went out…

…across the river…and into new albany

it was harvest homecoming.

and boy was it a sight.

it was quite crowded for my liking.  too many people, too close to me.  luckily we met our friends out and headed to the new albanian brew company.

i was getting anxious to get home.

we’ve never left woodford alone that long…

there were decapitated toys

a sawed off leash

kroger bag mayhem.

luckily it was just a big mess and not chewed up cords or sofas.

a big mess that needed to be cleaned up for FOOTBALL SUNDAY!

football sunday began with an 8 mile (!!!) run

followed by some tending to blisters

before settling in for the 1 o’clock games

some of us chose to watch football as such:


but then there are those of us who need to be front and center of the action:

why yes, that IS a temporary tattoo on the boyfriend’s GROWN MAN’s arm…

bills won!

the excitement was too much to handle.

we ended the night with family hanging out, snacking, and…more football.

baby nephew let us know the sky looked cool out

and he was right.

it was also late and time to wind down – just the boyfriend and i.

….watching football.

but in bed.

tuesday night in

5 Oct

originally i had planned to run to the clubhouse of the next neighborhood over with woodford pup and the boyfriend, hike the trail behind the neighborhood, and then run back.

but then i remembered i had ran both sunday and monday, and needed a rest day.


honestly.  the weather was so nice out.  all i wanted to do was sit on the porch with a pumpkin beer.

but the store i stopped at didn’t have pumpkin beer.

so hard cider it was.

but not any hard cider

oliver hard cider.

and a seasonal leinenkugel for the boyfriend

served in an ice cold glass.

we watched glee, and i’m not sure i can keep watching if they don’t lighten the mood a bit.  i find myself not paying attention and ignoring most of the story lines this season because they seem too serious.

the cider was making me super sleepy, but i managed to stay awake and watch parenthood.  i love this show!  my heart was breaking so hard last night for max braverman.

super exciting night on the couch with the boyfriend and woofy, obviously.

in other news.

i’m having a dilemma.

my current cell phone is a 3G iphone.  not even the 3GS.

i really need a new phone.


i’m not all that jazzed up about the new 4GS.

Option 1:  update to the 3GS for free and hold out shelling out money until the 5G is announced in undoubtedly 6 months.

Option 2: buy the 4G instead for $100 for 8GB.  I currently have a 16 GB and would like to keep that storage capacity.  I could, however, get a 4G 16G at sams club for $150…although, if i’m spending 150, why not go with –

Option 3:  new 4GS for $200 for 16 GB.

Option 4:  non-apple phone.  i honestly don’t use my phone like i used to.  i’ve somewhat reverted from living my life via my phone.  this option would allow me to downgrade my monthly plan as well.  BUT.  apple does it so well.  i like having the possibilities at my fingertips and don’t want to feel like i’m missing out.

can someone just buy a new phone for me?  i’ll be happy with whichever you get for me.  then i don’t have to make the decision.

i’ll probably share some seasonal beer with you if you do.



crafts, art, and…football. week 4.

4 Oct

sorry i didn’t update yesterday on the weekend.

it would have sounded like this

“oh man.  it’s monday again.  that sucks.  look how great the weekend was” – followed with lots of fun pictures.


it’s tuesday

not even to the hump yet

but hey look.

the weekend:

i had a girls only day saturday with my grandma, aunt, and a teacher who works with my aunt.

we got up bright and early and ventured out to the st james art show in downtown louisville.

we had the most perfect weather

if you’ve never been to the art show, i highly recommend it.

lots of hangable, wearable, usable, useless, gaudy, beautiful, ugly, crafty, utilitarian, rustic art to be seen

littered among the old houses

whether you’re there to buy, look, socialize, or being pulled around against your will

there’s something for everybody

ok. no.  i didn’t get those.

i did get a painting of a collection of bourbon bottles – including woodford :)

i also got

an appalachian bow saw.

oh yes i did.

it’s a beautiful hand-crafted knife that slices bread and tomatoes with ease!

my life is complete now.

well, ok, it wasn’t complete until another sunday spent


we lost this week.

but there’s still like 11 more weeks.

11 more weeks of football.

good thing there’s lots of fall festivals and craft shows to attend!

until tomorrow ya’ll.

YO VIP, let’s kick it

30 Sep

don’t worry.

i’m still around.

winding down the work week and gearing up for a much anticipated weekend.

we’ve got:

the St James Court Art Show – a must go-to event.  i usually go every year and window shop.  the one thing i allow myself to buy is a piece of jewelry.  but maybe this year i’ll try and find an affordable piece that fits our house.

week 4 of football!  i’m planning breakfast themed foods to serve.  which sounds really gross with beer.  i’ll make it work.

also…i’m working on a lot of knitting/crochet projects.  i have a feeling everyone is getting something homemade this year!  i hope you need a scarf, or a bowl made out of old magazines, or maybe a wreath.

maybe my craft mood will fade in a week and you will all get gift certificates.

i’m also planning a couple semi-long runs this weekend in preparation for 2 races coming up

hopefully monday i have some colorful pictures to share.

until then.

have a safe and warm weekend

365 days later

26 Sep

one year ago today i was driving back from my first half marathon.

i was on cloud nine in that moment.

6 months prior i had been dumped via text while i was getting my hair cut.

i was open to dating since the break-up text, but it seemed like i was running through dates like tissues during flu season.

this guy was too pushy.

that guy was too needy.

that other one – was he gay?

oh and then there was the guy that i was semi friends with via other friends.

he took me to a gun range for a date.

that was not the first time i had been to the gun range on a date.

that same guy decided he would spring the news of his ex girlfriend stopping by and wanting to re-kindle minutes before i was at the starting line for a 5k – a week before my half marathon.

why couldn’t i find someone who was just content.

and secure.

and semi tall.

and fun





laughed at barking spiders.

loved animals.

really loved animals.

career oriented.

had a job.

had a car.

knows all the lyrics to 90’s snoop dogg rap songs.

one year ago today

i met him.

he’ll tell you i almost didn’t.

i’ll tell you i had to make him sweat it out.

we met at old chicago for some beer, football, and conversation.

we planned our next date.

for the very next day.

we went for a jog/walk around the park.

and it may seem sudden – but i knew i loved him that day.

this might sound cheesy, especially if you’re not an animal lover.

but i knew he was the one when he brought a water bowl for opie dog.

it’s the small gestures that i’ve remembered the most

like opening up the calendar on the iPad and seeing special dates flagged

*first met

*first kiss

*officially dating

heck.  coming home to a clean kitchen says a lot more than any gift.

but because it’s a special day

this is the first time i’ve ever received flowers at work.

i must say.

it’s pretty nice.

dear mister boyfriend,

thank you for being a friend (yes, i’m singing the golden girls theme song)

thank you for putting up with my moodiness

thank you for letting me be right all the time


i’m so glad you pretend to get my jokes

i’m so glad you are willing to climb to the top of scary ladders and change batteries

i’m so glad you don’t mind if i go two days without a shower.


here’s to many more weekends spent watching football

here’s to several more vacations spent getting lost.  together.

here’s to 365 more days!


is next year leap year?


i love you



on the road again

23 Sep

it’s been a busy two weeks

i’m off-site again, but only a couple hours away for a physical inventory.

i’m making the most of it by stopping at an apple farm on the way home.  i have an apple problem.  and you need to come by and eat my applesauce.

i’m also picking baby dog up from the vets today – he had his baby boys removed.

from what i understand he’s doing well.  it’s been too quiet around the house without him.

and i’ve been getting too much sleep without him waking me up at night.

i hope you are looking forward to the first weekend of fall and are doing something fun to celebrate it…

if not – open invitation to watch some football sunday at our place.

bring beer.