about me


I’m Rachel Oliver.  I’m a twenty-something professional adjusting to life post college.

College was a wonderful experience, and i can’t imagine I would be the same person if I had chosen another path.  In those 4 years I met my best friend, I learned how to be frugal, I gained a greater appreciation for the Appalachian Region, I found a passion for running and  lost nearly 80 lbs in the process,  I partied as hard as I studied, and made some of the best memories to date.  After it was said and done, I graduated from Berea College in the Spring of 2008 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Accounting.

I had only lived in a dorm in college with roommates, and I had never been financially independent.  In less than a week after graduation I landed my first big girl job as a real life accountant.  In less than 6 months after graduation I was the proud owner of a mortgage!  Within that year after graduation I adopted two fur babies – a cat named Olivia and a Beagle named Opie.

I learned more in that first year on my own than I did in any class.  So this is my story as it unravels.  This is my transition from sweatpants, book bag, and a party cup – to dresses, heels,  and bills.


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