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if you’re wondering where i’ve been

30 May


i’ve found a new blogging outlet that is much more cooperative.

i hope you join me here, i miss you.


that one post where i daydream about being on reality tv

23 Apr

i’m pretty bummed with wordpress right now

i’ve had a few different posts that i was trying to format and look pretty, but it’s just not working for me right now :(

this weekend was spent partially at thunder over louisville – watching the louisville bats play ball while freezing our tooshies off – and deciding to leave before the fireworks even started.

woodford playing with his doggie friends>

we went over to our friends’ house who had volunteered to watch woodford, and we all got to hang out and have a trashy good time.

it was a very long night, and bill and i wanted nothing more than to sleep sunday away, but kept our promise to meet my aunt at the matinee showing of the hunger games.

i’m glad we did.  my aunt and i read through all three books in no time, and i managed to get bill to listen to the first book on tape.  i’m sure everyone else has read and seen the movie by now – i’m late on the bandwagon.  but if you haven’t – read/see the hunger games if only to set yourself up to read catching fire – way better in my opinion.

we were out of the theater at 1:30 at which point bill declared he was going home to make brownies.  i figured we’d want dinner too, so we stopped at the grocery to pick up some necessities.  came home, cleaned, lounged, baked, cooked, watched house hunters for hours and called it a day.

but not before watching the latest celebrity apprentice episode.  i dislike you aubrey oday.

i wish they’d bring back the regular apprentice – i would totally audition for that.  or the amazing race.  or maybe bill and i can have our own reality show where we sit around with woodford, go grocery shopping, pick up cat hairballs.  you’d totally be rooting for us everytime we bickered and complained about our neighbor leaving his trash out and not putting it in the dumpster.  and then you’d lose all respect for us that one time we didn’t pick up woodford’s poop on our walk.

it’s the jersey shore without the GTL.  which is why you both love and hate the jersey shore.  which means we’d never get a second season unless we decided to have 8 babies at once, and then decided to grow our family to 19 and counting.

i just can’t see us all living in a condo.  which might be another reality show selling point – 8 kids, two parents, a cat, a dog, and two bedrooms.

battle for the top bunk.

ok.  i’m done.  that was stupid.

i hope you had a warmer weekend than i did.

i hope your monday is going swimmingly.



March Apocalypse

26 Mar

it’s been quite the month of march – weather wise – this year.

earlier this month, just north of where i work, tornadoes ravaged a town on a friday afternoon

leaving a high school shredded and many families torn apart as i sat in the dark of a training room waiting for the storm to hit my office.

the next monday we woke to this

about 4 inches of snow on the ground.


the weeks following we were experiencing temps in the mid 70s low 80s.

i even got sun burnt.

this past friday, all of a sudden, storms moved into the area and before i knew it, bill was texting me that the tornado sirens were going off by the house.

next thing we knew, a tornado had touched down less than 1 mile behind our house.

luckily for us we were ok, and thankfully i believe there were no casualties – only damage.

and luckily for all of us, the weekend turned out to be beautiful, and felt more like spring than the 80 degrees i was becoming accustomed to.

even woodford pup was feeling relieved from the heat

but don’t worry, we didn’t let a perfect weekend slip away from us

we got a nice run in followed by a walk – woodford can’t handle long stretches of inactivity.

and if this crazy march weather wasn’t all the excitement we could handle

march madness was going on

both mine and bill’s teams competed for a spot in the elite 8 and have now advanced on to the final 4.

where they will be playing each other to advance to the championship game.

(excuse the smirk/duck lips)

due to the lack of pro teams in the state of kentucky, all we have are college sports.  and basketball reigns supreme.

i was raised a little wildcat kitten, and have been a fan from then on.

i didn’t mean to fall in love with a cards fan, but it happened.

luckily the wedding isn’t until october – plenty of time for us to both forget any negative outcome that is unavoidable when two rivals go head to head.

clearly, you know who i’m cheering for.

may the best team win.

and don’t worry bill, i won’t rub it in too much when they do :)

top chef dinner

20 Mar

i’m a bit late on recapping the weekend, but who cares.

you stuck around for 5 months waiting for a post.

so.  that christmas dress i had –

it made the perfect st paddy’s day dress!  it matched my green beer perfectly.

bill and i wondered down to the highlands to take in all the sights.  and boy were there some sights to be seen.

not photographed: legit little person dressed as a leprechaun with fake pointy ears just hanging out on a motorcycle outside of one of the irish bars.

we got our green beer on early because we had a very special evening planned!

our favorite distillery was hosting a guest chef dinner and i couldn’t resist.

don’t believe we have a favorite distillery?

this guy is named after it!

beautiful woodford reserve put on a lovely dinner!

we arrived early to enjoy some tea and a shot of their new double oaked bourbon *not available in stores yet!

and enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather and running creek behind the property.

there was  a tour before hors d’oeuvre were served, but i didn’t take any pictures of that – mainly because we’ve done the tour before and it wasn’t anything different than the regular guest tour.

when we got back bill and i couldn’t wait to get some food!

but i was greeted with a cocktail, and i won’t complain.

this was hands down a GREAT bourbon drink!  they had crafted this drink with another kentucky favorite – ale 8.

it was so good.  i wanted more.

instead i went in for some oysters.

and who is that in the picture?

it’s top chef edward lee.

he was obviously a fan favorite in louisville.  and i loved watching him on the show.  when he was eliminated in the quarterfinals? i stopped watching – so don’t ask me who won.

watching top chef i sometimes think “um yeah, i would never eat that” or “that doesn’t even look appetizing.”

perhaps i was biased, but ed’s food looked like southern food all fancified.

fancified is a word. hush.

also.  i’m not a fan of raw oysters.  thank goodness for bourbon to wash that down!

on the menu for the night:

first and second courses are not pictured – but were so delicious!  you can’t go wrong with shrimp and kale!  but the second course had me a bit surprised.

crispy sweetbreads?

i thought it was going to be bread coming out.

yeah. no.  i googled sweetbreads.

doesn’t that sound appetizing?


well i kept an open mind.  and oh my dog!

it tasted like the most tender pork chop.  i loved it!  and so did bill.  which is even more of a head turner than cow pancreas.

third course was a culinary delight.

i just typed that.

but for real – lamb and sweet potatoes. fancified.

i wanted to lick my plate clean.

but didn’t.

but only because ed lee was nice enough to go to every table and say hello – there were probably 50-60 guests that evening.

i shook his hand and told him how delicious everything was.  and because i was star struck and breaking out in a full armpit sweat, i didn’t ask for a picture with him.

sorry e’rbody.

you’re welcome chef lee.

last came dessert.

i have no idea what a vanilla pot de’creme is.

or what that little cracker hat sitting on top of it is.

but oh lawdy my mouth was in heaven.  it was like a custardy ice cream with a thick layer of salted caramel and bourbon infused cherries on top.

i would risk obesity for this alone.

the end of the night was capped off with coffee.

bourbon coffee.

yes at 9 pm, after a shot of the double oaked, the ale 8 cocktail, 2 glasses of wine…we capped it off with bourbon coffee.

don’t worry – that was all spread over 3 hours and we couldn’t even finish our coffee.

sweet sweet indulgence.

it was beautiful

so how do you follow up a glutenous saturday night?

well with a kentucky win and

a 2 mile run followed by getting the electra’s out for the first time this season!

bill and i have matching bikes.

ain’t that cute.

i thought we were going on a leisurely pedal through the park.

we did a legit bike route with for-real bikers zooming past us.

i looked like the little engine that could trying to get up all those hills.

i’m still sore and feel like my who-ha has been bruised by the bike seat.

it was a lovely weekend.

oh lawdy

13 Mar

has it really been 5 months since i last posted?

yes.  yes it has.

i’m sorry.

actually, not very sorry.  a lot of exciting things have happened in those 5 months.

but i miss sharing.  do you miss reading?  no?  well that’s ok too.

let’s pick up where we left off, sort of…

we ran a tap n’ run this past fall

our group dressed as different beers – me a corona, kim a leinenkugel, the boyfriend a budweiser, and nick a shocktop

we did it all for the giveaways.

oh, at some point last fall the boyfriend and i got a new car

a ford edge.  it’s black and sparkly.  and roomy.  much roomier than either of our compact cars.

we need a lot of room for our weekend trips

and this guy

this past fall i ran my second half marathon and the boyfriend completed his first

thanks to pinterest, i’ve been exploring my domestic diva side.

stockings were sewn and things got organized

i learned that the boyfriend and myself are not very handy.  but we learn.  and i can yell at him how he’s doing it wrong and eat my words when he magically gets it all together.  magic.

we made it down to my alma mater for homecoming and visited with the best of friends

and ate like we were 19

the boyfriend and i celebrated a lot of good times together

we celebrated being together for a year in september

we celebrated thanksgiving with a good old turkey trot

and in december

the boyfriend became the fiance.

BILL.  the fiance’s name is Bill.  we’re getting hitched in october in key west – i’ll explain that decision some other time :)

bill wanted to propose before my birthday (dec 20th) and before the holidays rolled around.  so on december 15th i was running late to get home.  i had stopped at the grocery to get…a popcorn popper.  when i walked in, bill was standing, dressed in a shirt and tie.  i think i broke a sweat as thoughts raced through my head and bill had a sweat mustache. via the power of the ipad, bill had made a movie of pictures set to music detailing our time together.  at the very end, he got down on one knee, and clearly, i said yes.  and we had a new popcorn maker.

we lived happily ever after.  popcorn and diamonds.

this would be a cute way to end my post.

but we still have like 3 more months to cover.

so, in a nutshell.

bill and i love christmas

i love shopping

and woodford loves santa.

who can resist jingle bell earrings

and reindeer ties?

just call me santa’s helper.

we’ve been making plans for the wedding while waiting for spring to come around.

and if you remember all those posts about football weekends, well, i survived.

but now it’s march madness.

and we’re rival fans.

perhaps we’ll wait to book our flight until after the tournament :)

Go wildcats!



oh.  and ps.  i’m going to try and post more frequently.  instead of every 6 months or so.



Quick update

23 Oct

Just thought I’d drop in before giving a full weekend update tomorrow

We’ve been busy with a dog costume contest, football game, and of course the tap n run. Pictures to come!

But check out my little rocker dog.



iPhone-ing it in before bed

17 Oct


Steve jobs would be so proud.

Honestly just wanted to test the new app before bed.