that one post where i daydream about being on reality tv

23 Apr

i’m pretty bummed with wordpress right now

i’ve had a few different posts that i was trying to format and look pretty, but it’s just not working for me right now :(

this weekend was spent partially at thunder over louisville – watching the louisville bats play ball while freezing our tooshies off – and deciding to leave before the fireworks even started.

woodford playing with his doggie friends>

we went over to our friends’ house who had volunteered to watch woodford, and we all got to hang out and have a trashy good time.

it was a very long night, and bill and i wanted nothing more than to sleep sunday away, but kept our promise to meet my aunt at the matinee showing of the hunger games.

i’m glad we did.  my aunt and i read through all three books in no time, and i managed to get bill to listen to the first book on tape.  i’m sure everyone else has read and seen the movie by now – i’m late on the bandwagon.  but if you haven’t – read/see the hunger games if only to set yourself up to read catching fire – way better in my opinion.

we were out of the theater at 1:30 at which point bill declared he was going home to make brownies.  i figured we’d want dinner too, so we stopped at the grocery to pick up some necessities.  came home, cleaned, lounged, baked, cooked, watched house hunters for hours and called it a day.

but not before watching the latest celebrity apprentice episode.  i dislike you aubrey oday.

i wish they’d bring back the regular apprentice – i would totally audition for that.  or the amazing race.  or maybe bill and i can have our own reality show where we sit around with woodford, go grocery shopping, pick up cat hairballs.  you’d totally be rooting for us everytime we bickered and complained about our neighbor leaving his trash out and not putting it in the dumpster.  and then you’d lose all respect for us that one time we didn’t pick up woodford’s poop on our walk.

it’s the jersey shore without the GTL.  which is why you both love and hate the jersey shore.  which means we’d never get a second season unless we decided to have 8 babies at once, and then decided to grow our family to 19 and counting.

i just can’t see us all living in a condo.  which might be another reality show selling point – 8 kids, two parents, a cat, a dog, and two bedrooms.

battle for the top bunk.

ok.  i’m done.  that was stupid.

i hope you had a warmer weekend than i did.

i hope your monday is going swimmingly.




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