March Apocalypse

26 Mar

it’s been quite the month of march – weather wise – this year.

earlier this month, just north of where i work, tornadoes ravaged a town on a friday afternoon

leaving a high school shredded and many families torn apart as i sat in the dark of a training room waiting for the storm to hit my office.

the next monday we woke to this

about 4 inches of snow on the ground.


the weeks following we were experiencing temps in the mid 70s low 80s.

i even got sun burnt.

this past friday, all of a sudden, storms moved into the area and before i knew it, bill was texting me that the tornado sirens were going off by the house.

next thing we knew, a tornado had touched down less than 1 mile behind our house.

luckily for us we were ok, and thankfully i believe there were no casualties – only damage.

and luckily for all of us, the weekend turned out to be beautiful, and felt more like spring than the 80 degrees i was becoming accustomed to.

even woodford pup was feeling relieved from the heat

but don’t worry, we didn’t let a perfect weekend slip away from us

we got a nice run in followed by a walk – woodford can’t handle long stretches of inactivity.

and if this crazy march weather wasn’t all the excitement we could handle

march madness was going on

both mine and bill’s teams competed for a spot in the elite 8 and have now advanced on to the final 4.

where they will be playing each other to advance to the championship game.

(excuse the smirk/duck lips)

due to the lack of pro teams in the state of kentucky, all we have are college sports.  and basketball reigns supreme.

i was raised a little wildcat kitten, and have been a fan from then on.

i didn’t mean to fall in love with a cards fan, but it happened.

luckily the wedding isn’t until october – plenty of time for us to both forget any negative outcome that is unavoidable when two rivals go head to head.

clearly, you know who i’m cheering for.

may the best team win.

and don’t worry bill, i won’t rub it in too much when they do :)


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