top chef dinner

20 Mar

i’m a bit late on recapping the weekend, but who cares.

you stuck around for 5 months waiting for a post.

so.  that christmas dress i had –

it made the perfect st paddy’s day dress!  it matched my green beer perfectly.

bill and i wondered down to the highlands to take in all the sights.  and boy were there some sights to be seen.

not photographed: legit little person dressed as a leprechaun with fake pointy ears just hanging out on a motorcycle outside of one of the irish bars.

we got our green beer on early because we had a very special evening planned!

our favorite distillery was hosting a guest chef dinner and i couldn’t resist.

don’t believe we have a favorite distillery?

this guy is named after it!

beautiful woodford reserve put on a lovely dinner!

we arrived early to enjoy some tea and a shot of their new double oaked bourbon *not available in stores yet!

and enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather and running creek behind the property.

there was  a tour before hors d’oeuvre were served, but i didn’t take any pictures of that – mainly because we’ve done the tour before and it wasn’t anything different than the regular guest tour.

when we got back bill and i couldn’t wait to get some food!

but i was greeted with a cocktail, and i won’t complain.

this was hands down a GREAT bourbon drink!  they had crafted this drink with another kentucky favorite – ale 8.

it was so good.  i wanted more.

instead i went in for some oysters.

and who is that in the picture?

it’s top chef edward lee.

he was obviously a fan favorite in louisville.  and i loved watching him on the show.  when he was eliminated in the quarterfinals? i stopped watching – so don’t ask me who won.

watching top chef i sometimes think “um yeah, i would never eat that” or “that doesn’t even look appetizing.”

perhaps i was biased, but ed’s food looked like southern food all fancified.

fancified is a word. hush.

also.  i’m not a fan of raw oysters.  thank goodness for bourbon to wash that down!

on the menu for the night:

first and second courses are not pictured – but were so delicious!  you can’t go wrong with shrimp and kale!  but the second course had me a bit surprised.

crispy sweetbreads?

i thought it was going to be bread coming out.

yeah. no.  i googled sweetbreads.

doesn’t that sound appetizing?


well i kept an open mind.  and oh my dog!

it tasted like the most tender pork chop.  i loved it!  and so did bill.  which is even more of a head turner than cow pancreas.

third course was a culinary delight.

i just typed that.

but for real – lamb and sweet potatoes. fancified.

i wanted to lick my plate clean.

but didn’t.

but only because ed lee was nice enough to go to every table and say hello – there were probably 50-60 guests that evening.

i shook his hand and told him how delicious everything was.  and because i was star struck and breaking out in a full armpit sweat, i didn’t ask for a picture with him.

sorry e’rbody.

you’re welcome chef lee.

last came dessert.

i have no idea what a vanilla pot de’creme is.

or what that little cracker hat sitting on top of it is.

but oh lawdy my mouth was in heaven.  it was like a custardy ice cream with a thick layer of salted caramel and bourbon infused cherries on top.

i would risk obesity for this alone.

the end of the night was capped off with coffee.

bourbon coffee.

yes at 9 pm, after a shot of the double oaked, the ale 8 cocktail, 2 glasses of wine…we capped it off with bourbon coffee.

don’t worry – that was all spread over 3 hours and we couldn’t even finish our coffee.

sweet sweet indulgence.

it was beautiful

so how do you follow up a glutenous saturday night?

well with a kentucky win and

a 2 mile run followed by getting the electra’s out for the first time this season!

bill and i have matching bikes.

ain’t that cute.

i thought we were going on a leisurely pedal through the park.

we did a legit bike route with for-real bikers zooming past us.

i looked like the little engine that could trying to get up all those hills.

i’m still sore and feel like my who-ha has been bruised by the bike seat.

it was a lovely weekend.


One Response to “top chef dinner”

  1. Daisy March 20, 2012 at 4:14 pm #

    this sounds like an awesome weekend. what a dinner!!

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