oh lawdy

13 Mar

has it really been 5 months since i last posted?

yes.  yes it has.

i’m sorry.

actually, not very sorry.  a lot of exciting things have happened in those 5 months.

but i miss sharing.  do you miss reading?  no?  well that’s ok too.

let’s pick up where we left off, sort of…

we ran a tap n’ run this past fall

our group dressed as different beers – me a corona, kim a leinenkugel, the boyfriend a budweiser, and nick a shocktop

we did it all for the giveaways.

oh, at some point last fall the boyfriend and i got a new car

a ford edge.  it’s black and sparkly.  and roomy.  much roomier than either of our compact cars.

we need a lot of room for our weekend trips

and this guy

this past fall i ran my second half marathon and the boyfriend completed his first

thanks to pinterest, i’ve been exploring my domestic diva side.

stockings were sewn and things got organized

i learned that the boyfriend and myself are not very handy.  but we learn.  and i can yell at him how he’s doing it wrong and eat my words when he magically gets it all together.  magic.

we made it down to my alma mater for homecoming and visited with the best of friends

and ate like we were 19

the boyfriend and i celebrated a lot of good times together

we celebrated being together for a year in september

we celebrated thanksgiving with a good old turkey trot

and in december

the boyfriend became the fiance.

BILL.  the fiance’s name is Bill.  we’re getting hitched in october in key west – i’ll explain that decision some other time :)

bill wanted to propose before my birthday (dec 20th) and before the holidays rolled around.  so on december 15th i was running late to get home.  i had stopped at the grocery to get…a popcorn popper.  when i walked in, bill was standing, dressed in a shirt and tie.  i think i broke a sweat as thoughts raced through my head and bill had a sweat mustache. via the power of the ipad, bill had made a movie of pictures set to music detailing our time together.  at the very end, he got down on one knee, and clearly, i said yes.  and we had a new popcorn maker.

we lived happily ever after.  popcorn and diamonds.

this would be a cute way to end my post.

but we still have like 3 more months to cover.

so, in a nutshell.

bill and i love christmas

i love shopping

and woodford loves santa.

who can resist jingle bell earrings

and reindeer ties?

just call me santa’s helper.

we’ve been making plans for the wedding while waiting for spring to come around.

and if you remember all those posts about football weekends, well, i survived.

but now it’s march madness.

and we’re rival fans.

perhaps we’ll wait to book our flight until after the tournament :)

Go wildcats!



oh.  and ps.  i’m going to try and post more frequently.  instead of every 6 months or so.




One Response to “oh lawdy”

  1. Tiffany Ferguson March 13, 2012 at 8:19 pm #

    Too cute Rach! <3

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