weekend plans. plus football…..week 5

10 Oct

saturday was spent getting woodford pup’s stitches taken out after we ran 4 miles together

no real big hassle and it was nice to get a semi check-up from the vet to hear that mister woodford is the perfect weight, is now 25.2 lbs, and that running/walking him 8+ miles a day is fine.  that poor dog never tires…

unfortunately i do.

smoothie king is not somewhere i typically stop, but it was right next to the fabric shop i was in.  it packed a healthy punch of carbs and calories while remaining relatively vegan (i don’t classify honey as a no-no, and i’m not sure what’s in the carbo mix they add, so ignorance is bliss) but for $8 i doubt it’ll become a habit.  i think these are meant as a meal replacement as well – too many calories for a snack.

anywho – i’ll post pictures of my bench/dog bed that’s in the works soon.  i just need to decide on the fabric to make the cushion.  i found lovely fabric at boone’s off shelbyville rd.  but $60 for 3.5 yards is not quite what i had in mind.  i’m doing some online thrifting today.

after i got home, the boyfriend was finishing up work and he let me know he felt like he was growing roots at the condo.

so we went out…

…across the river…and into new albany

it was harvest homecoming.

and boy was it a sight.

it was quite crowded for my liking.  too many people, too close to me.  luckily we met our friends out and headed to the new albanian brew company.

i was getting anxious to get home.

we’ve never left woodford alone that long…

there were decapitated toys

a sawed off leash

kroger bag mayhem.

luckily it was just a big mess and not chewed up cords or sofas.

a big mess that needed to be cleaned up for FOOTBALL SUNDAY!

football sunday began with an 8 mile (!!!) run

followed by some tending to blisters

before settling in for the 1 o’clock games

some of us chose to watch football as such:


but then there are those of us who need to be front and center of the action:

why yes, that IS a temporary tattoo on the boyfriend’s GROWN MAN’s arm…

bills won!

the excitement was too much to handle.

we ended the night with family hanging out, snacking, and…more football.

baby nephew let us know the sky looked cool out

and he was right.

it was also late and time to wind down – just the boyfriend and i.

….watching football.

but in bed.

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