tuesday night in

5 Oct

originally i had planned to run to the clubhouse of the next neighborhood over with woodford pup and the boyfriend, hike the trail behind the neighborhood, and then run back.

but then i remembered i had ran both sunday and monday, and needed a rest day.


honestly.  the weather was so nice out.  all i wanted to do was sit on the porch with a pumpkin beer.

but the store i stopped at didn’t have pumpkin beer.

so hard cider it was.

but not any hard cider

oliver hard cider.

and a seasonal leinenkugel for the boyfriend

served in an ice cold glass.

we watched glee, and i’m not sure i can keep watching if they don’t lighten the mood a bit.  i find myself not paying attention and ignoring most of the story lines this season because they seem too serious.

the cider was making me super sleepy, but i managed to stay awake and watch parenthood.  i love this show!  my heart was breaking so hard last night for max braverman.

super exciting night on the couch with the boyfriend and woofy, obviously.

in other news.

i’m having a dilemma.

my current cell phone is a 3G iphone.  not even the 3GS.

i really need a new phone.


i’m not all that jazzed up about the new 4GS.

Option 1:  update to the 3GS for free and hold out shelling out money until the 5G is announced in undoubtedly 6 months.

Option 2: buy the 4G instead for $100 for 8GB.  I currently have a 16 GB and would like to keep that storage capacity.  I could, however, get a 4G 16G at sams club for $150…although, if i’m spending 150, why not go with –

Option 3:  new 4GS for $200 for 16 GB.

Option 4:  non-apple phone.  i honestly don’t use my phone like i used to.  i’ve somewhat reverted from living my life via my phone.  this option would allow me to downgrade my monthly plan as well.  BUT.  apple does it so well.  i like having the possibilities at my fingertips and don’t want to feel like i’m missing out.

can someone just buy a new phone for me?  i’ll be happy with whichever you get for me.  then i don’t have to make the decision.

i’ll probably share some seasonal beer with you if you do.



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