crafts, art, and…football. week 4.

4 Oct

sorry i didn’t update yesterday on the weekend.

it would have sounded like this

“oh man.  it’s monday again.  that sucks.  look how great the weekend was” – followed with lots of fun pictures.


it’s tuesday

not even to the hump yet

but hey look.

the weekend:

i had a girls only day saturday with my grandma, aunt, and a teacher who works with my aunt.

we got up bright and early and ventured out to the st james art show in downtown louisville.

we had the most perfect weather

if you’ve never been to the art show, i highly recommend it.

lots of hangable, wearable, usable, useless, gaudy, beautiful, ugly, crafty, utilitarian, rustic art to be seen

littered among the old houses

whether you’re there to buy, look, socialize, or being pulled around against your will

there’s something for everybody

ok. no.  i didn’t get those.

i did get a painting of a collection of bourbon bottles – including woodford :)

i also got

an appalachian bow saw.

oh yes i did.

it’s a beautiful hand-crafted knife that slices bread and tomatoes with ease!

my life is complete now.

well, ok, it wasn’t complete until another sunday spent


we lost this week.

but there’s still like 11 more weeks.

11 more weeks of football.

good thing there’s lots of fall festivals and craft shows to attend!

until tomorrow ya’ll.

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