YO VIP, let’s kick it

30 Sep

don’t worry.

i’m still around.

winding down the work week and gearing up for a much anticipated weekend.

we’ve got:

the St James Court Art Show – a must go-to event.  i usually go every year and window shop.  the one thing i allow myself to buy is a piece of jewelry.  but maybe this year i’ll try and find an affordable piece that fits our house.

week 4 of football!  i’m planning breakfast themed foods to serve.  which sounds really gross with beer.  i’ll make it work.

also…i’m working on a lot of knitting/crochet projects.  i have a feeling everyone is getting something homemade this year!  i hope you need a scarf, or a bowl made out of old magazines, or maybe a wreath.

maybe my craft mood will fade in a week and you will all get gift certificates.

i’m also planning a couple semi-long runs this weekend in preparation for 2 races coming up

hopefully monday i have some colorful pictures to share.

until then.

have a safe and warm weekend

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