365 days later

26 Sep

one year ago today i was driving back from my first half marathon.

i was on cloud nine in that moment.

6 months prior i had been dumped via text while i was getting my hair cut.

i was open to dating since the break-up text, but it seemed like i was running through dates like tissues during flu season.

this guy was too pushy.

that guy was too needy.

that other one – was he gay?

oh and then there was the guy that i was semi friends with via other friends.

he took me to a gun range for a date.

that was not the first time i had been to the gun range on a date.

that same guy decided he would spring the news of his ex girlfriend stopping by and wanting to re-kindle minutes before i was at the starting line for a 5k – a week before my half marathon.

why couldn’t i find someone who was just content.

and secure.

and semi tall.

and fun





laughed at barking spiders.

loved animals.

really loved animals.

career oriented.

had a job.

had a car.

knows all the lyrics to 90’s snoop dogg rap songs.

one year ago today

i met him.

he’ll tell you i almost didn’t.

i’ll tell you i had to make him sweat it out.

we met at old chicago for some beer, football, and conversation.

we planned our next date.

for the very next day.

we went for a jog/walk around the park.

and it may seem sudden – but i knew i loved him that day.

this might sound cheesy, especially if you’re not an animal lover.

but i knew he was the one when he brought a water bowl for opie dog.

it’s the small gestures that i’ve remembered the most

like opening up the calendar on the iPad and seeing special dates flagged

*first met

*first kiss

*officially dating

heck.  coming home to a clean kitchen says a lot more than any gift.

but because it’s a special day

this is the first time i’ve ever received flowers at work.

i must say.

it’s pretty nice.

dear mister boyfriend,

thank you for being a friend (yes, i’m singing the golden girls theme song)

thank you for putting up with my moodiness

thank you for letting me be right all the time


i’m so glad you pretend to get my jokes

i’m so glad you are willing to climb to the top of scary ladders and change batteries

i’m so glad you don’t mind if i go two days without a shower.


here’s to many more weekends spent watching football

here’s to several more vacations spent getting lost.  together.

here’s to 365 more days!


is next year leap year?


i love you



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