i’m completely loving fall right now

22 Sep

fall is one day around the corner, but i’ve been preparing for a couple weeks and am loving all things fall like:

downloaded on the ipad.  i got the monthly subscription too.  it reads beautifully and is so much more interactive than a paper magazine.  there’s also a sense of more content since there are less adds to flip past.

The abundance of apple recipes i’m itching to try out.  anyone want to help eat them?

this recipe.  it’s my favorite go-to sandwich bread recipe.  i love the nuttiness, the heartiness.  great toasted with a slab of butter, used on either side of a tomato, and i swear it makes THE BEST french toast.  also great – throw ingredients in bread machine, turn on, watch tv, do dishes, run, take a shower…3 hours late you’ve got homemade bread.

don’t have a bread maker?  i bought mine from a lady at work for $10 who had used hers a handful of times and it was collecting dust.  i’ve seen used bread machines for $5-$25 and they’re generally in brand new condition.  i think they’re one of those registry items that people never actually end up using and then donate.  don’t be afraid to buy used!

this hat.  i love knitting small items because i usually have the patience to finish them.  anyone have a kid with a cold head?

or maybe i can get up the strength and desire to finish something more like this

yeah. ok. right.

the thought of carving these in a few short weeks

autumn officially begins tomorrow so i can stop feeling guilty about rushing summer out the door :)

are you already obsessed with fall or are you wishing for the hot temps to come back already?

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