johnny applesauce

21 Sep

after a never ending drive, a day back at work spent catching up on the piles of paperwork dumped in my chair, and downing as much claritin as possible – you know what i felt like doing?


ok, clearly i’m crazy.

but i was so excited about cooking those apples i bought in new york…

that i bought more.

the “20 ounce” variety i purchased in new york —

mega huge apple, batman!

and if you didn’t know

i have a love of kitchen gadgets (notice the rice cooker and bread machine currently on the counter above)

and the thought of all those apples meant i needed this…

it was $15 at meijer and worth every penny.

notice how i’m trying to core/peel the apple wrong in the above photo.  the instructions it came with were hard to understand and didn’t come with pictures.

i spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure this thing out before youtubing how it works.

oh technology.

i figured it out though.

and from a few tweets from emily i thought i could try to cook these down in my rice cooker.

every recipe i found online was fairly similar and was a matter of preference really.

so winged it.  (wung it?)

in the cooker:

3 20 ounce apples

1 fiji apple

1 cup apple juice

i use a hamilton beach rice cooker and used the boil/simmer setting.  this setting brings the contents to a rapid boil before letting everything simmer for whatever time you set it for.

i started with 20 minutes and tested the mushiness at the 5 minute remaining mark.  still not mushy – so i added another 5.

25 minutes total had the apples ready for mashing.

side note – i had a lot of water pooling under the cooker.  i recommend putting a towel down, or using less apples

i also left the skins on most of the apples.  i didn’t really notice any texture issues, but if you aren’t using organic apples or apples that have been washed with a veggie cleaner i suggest removing the skin.

i removed the rice bowl and then mushed apples using a potato masher.  i wanted a thicker consistency, but from the resources i looked through, they suggested running the mush through a food mill or food processor.

added after cooking:

~ 1/4 c maple syrup

~ 1 T brown sugar

heavy pour of cinnamon

a few drops of vanilla

clearly you can add whatever seasonings appeal to you – but this combination is delicious!

i had a small bowl last night

and polished off a heaping serving for breakfast this morning.

expect more apple goodness very shortly.



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