ohio is a never ending state to drive through.

20 Sep

after counting down the weeks until the buffalo trip

we were on the road.

we snacked a lot in the car.  which is pretty hard to do when you order salads and baked potatoes.

the boyfriend managed a lot easier.

he was also quite the trooper for driving 98% of the round trip.

which meant my scarf wip grew and grew.

somewhere after cleveland, and still, with like 2 hours to go, energy was needed.

8 hours or so later…

boyfriend:  what’s that in the distance?

me:  uhm, looks like water – lake erie right?

boyfriend:  no!  it can’t be…

me:  i thought buffalo was on the water or right near the lake?

boyfriend:  well…yeah.  but i’ve never noticed the lake before…

me:  how many times have you driven up here?

boyfriend: this is my 3rd time

i’m not sure how you can miss the lake.


stay tuned for day two of our trip!




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