niagara falls. day two of buffalo trip.

20 Sep

i didn’t take any photos of our hotel room.

i wish i did.

the only place to sit was on the bed.

the tv was situated above the closet.

there was a mirror that ran the length of the room.

behind the bed.

all we were missing was a heart shaped bath tub and a coin slot to make the bed vibrate.

luckily it doesn’t take a lot to impress me.

like the border into canada!

if you’re wondering how i got here go check out

ohio is a never ending state to drive through

for day two we decided to go see niagara falls since i had never been.

i really wish i had my passport so i could have ventured over and got to see the falls straight on

i was so curious to learn about the fort carved into the wall on the toronto side – i still need to look this up – what/when was this used/for?

seeing the rushing water and the mist rising up was beautiful.

we took the obligatory “i was there” photos.

and from different angles.

clearly we’re narcissists.

am i the only one who gets arm-pit sweaty nervous asking a stranger to take our picture?


ok.  just checking.

and because there are only so many pictures i can subject you to of a waterfall…i’ll leave you with one of a rainbow :)

the sun came out briefly and i was able to capture it :)

there’s really only so much to do at niagara, and we were contemplating our next move

when we saw lots of signs for niagara wineries.


google maps is a wonderful thing.

we were able to find what we thought was a winery, but instead was a wine shop that was close to our hotel.

they did tastings, though, so we sat for an hour and tasted new york’s finest.

this was the best wine i had ever had.  maybe it’s because i like sweeter wines

but the flavors in the ones we tested had me wanting full pours.

so between the boyfriend and myself we came away with 5 different area wines.

they will be lovingly displayed for as long as i can stand to not open them.


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