football. week 2. day 3 of buffalo trip.

20 Sep

spending time with my boyfriend is nice.

seeing niagara falls is nice too.

i think the boyfriend would agree with those statements.

but let’s get real.

we were ready for some football.

it’s pretty tough to tailgate out of a corolla.

but we make it happen.

we couldn’t have asked for better weather.

it was sunny and 70 with a nice breeze.

the fans were out in full force.

after talking with some very nice tailgaters, and drinking a couple drinks each

we hoofed it inside where i was so glad to see this

for my first nfl game i had a blast.

the stadium quickly filled up as it was a sold out game.

i won’t recap the game, but if you watched or saw the end of the game you know it was a nail biter.

this trip was for the boyfriend, definitely, but i can say anytime he’s willing to take me along with him for football, my bags will be packed.

but we’ll be flying.

i’ll post more on our never ending adventure to get home, but more than once i was ready to camp out at a truck stop to avoid having to get back in the car.

i’m a cranky car traveller.




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