day 4. the never ending trip home.

20 Sep

after spending friday driving, saturday and sunday having a good time and getting very little sleep…

it was time pack up and head home.

to break up the monotony of traveling 9 + hours

i suggested stopping at a town that reminded me of stars hollow.

i was addicted to gilmore girls back in the day.

ellicottville, ny is a ski town that stays pretty hopping in the off season.  if we had felt like driving down a day or two earlier, we could have enjoyed the rock and roll festival.

unfortunately our time was short, and double unfortunately we arrived monday pretty early – before many of the shops opened up.

luckily we found a dive to eat at

and after loading up on carbs – i was ready to venture out into the country

i HAD to come back with at least some maple syrup and hopefully some apples.

both were purchased at pumpkinville.

i ended up getting “20 ounce” apples – a variety i had never heard of, but since i was interested in baking with them, the sign said they were perfect for that.

tonight i’m using my rice cooker to simmer some down and experiment.

the next 9 hours of my life were a living dog pile of poop.


my sinuses, the lack of sleep, the nausea of car sickness.

i couldn’t rest.

i couldn’t stop ticking down every quarter mile we had left to drive.  and when you have 500+ miles of driving.

that’s a lot of quarter miles.

a few rules/lessons from the road that were learned on the trip:

1.     i need to stop every other hour to either

a.  get something to drink

b.  go potty

c.  shop/sightsee/stretch my legs

2.     eating junk food for days straight causes the car to smell like a dirty diaper.  the smell is also not noticed until coming back from a pit stop

3.     there was a man who self experimented by only cracking his left hand knuckles and never his right.  he learned that popping your knuckles doesn’t do any damage.  (thank goodness for interesting podcasts that got us through several hours of travel)

4.     long days of travel + low blood sugar levels + woman time makes one crazy roller coaster of emotions.

5.     i do not like canadian beer.

6.     there is nothing sexy about a giant mirror hanging behind your bed.

7.     i don’t really like donuts.  but if you put a dunkin donuts and a tim hortons on ever corner, i kind of want to stop twice a day.  this could also be because of #4

8.     do not pack 3 pairs of shoes for a weekend centered around football.

9.     pack sunscreen.  just because it’s not hot out doesn’t mean that you won’t get crazy tan lines on your face and feet

10.  after several cranky hours of travel…make sure you tell your driver you love and appreciate them.  and possibly buy them a nose plug for the next time.

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