one tripe down. one more to go.

15 Sep

finally back in louisville after a whirlwind trip to chicago.

travel meant time to do this

and since it was company related you know i ate good…

hannah’s bretzel.  mmm.  marinated tofu and fixins on a pretzel bun.

and because it’s company related – you know i slept good…

the palmer house lobby

and my extra comfy bed

and psychedelic carpet

and my room was right next to frankie avalon

after a long afternoon of lecture style meetings i ventured out on my own in the big city.

it’s really no fun to eat alone in a big city.

there’s also too many people walking around for my comfort.

i settled on some thai food

before hoofing it back to the hotel.

and spending $2.50 on a 20oz diet coke.

wednesday i got lost on the walk to the office.

i wanted to stop at jamba juice and get breakfast.  i got nervous thinking i had missed my block, turned, and then accidentally walked a half mile in the wrong direction.

i made it to my meeting with a very grumbly belly.

but don’t fear

i got my strawberry nirvana.

a very uninteresting trip, but i’m glad i got to be in the big city for a couple days.

i learned that i am never supposed to live in a big city.  i love the fact that you can walk everywhere…but there are too many people.  too many people with earbuds in refusing to make eye contact.  which makes it feel more like hearding cows than exciting hustle and bustle.

i also discovered i’m not a fan of random weirdos getting on the train holding up a laminated copy of their prison picture asking for money.

who woulda thunk.

while away i missed this

a huge crack in my windshield (which has now been replaced)

and this

i’m really gonna miss this guy again – he’s headed to the kennel tomorrow morning while i head to buffalo!

don’t worry…i’ll update you on all the fun stuff we do later :)


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