football. week one.

12 Sep

i think i’ve fallen off the blogging universe.

but don’t worry.

i’ve been doing funner things :)

like home-cooked meals not made by me :)

i wanted to show you my fall decorations.  and my fall knitting.  and all the running i’ve been forgetting to do.

life happens :)  but don’t worry.  the boyfriend and i are still planning to finish the half.

this week is about to get hectic.  i fly out tuesday to chicago and come back wednesday night and then friday i’ll be headed to my first pro football game.

and what better way to prepare for next week’s football festivities than to spend all day sunday watching football?

i can probably think of a few better ways actually…

but anyhow.

the boyfriend literally could not sleep because he was so excited.

yes we have several “tattoos” for the game this sunday…

there was almost a mini breakdown when direct tv and the sunday ticket were not working properly.

luckily there were network games.  on the second tv.  apparently we need a couple more to really round things out.

both the bengals and the bills pulled out wins

and i decided to sign up for a survivor league football bet at work (still in the running since Arizona pulled out a W) because i figured…

if you can’t beat em…

or convince them to spend the day shopping instead as the case may be…

join em!



you may chose to hang out in the cat’s house.

the option is yours.  just don’t walk in front of the tv when someone is going for a touchdown.


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