it’s fall ya’ll…kinda

6 Sep

fall doesn’t officially start until september 23rd.  according to my calendar.

but there’s something about the labor day weekend, pool closing, school buses messing up my running route, etc – that put me in the fall spirit yesterday.

or it could be the fact that it was 102 on sunday and 66 on monday.

i ain’t complaining.


i welcome cooler mornings (even though i haven’t been running.  tomorrow.  tomorrow i run.)

and even though this week might be a cold fluke with warmer temperatures to return, the boyfriend and i are in full fall swing.

exhibit a:

candy corn and peanuts.  last year the boyfriend and i made ourselves sick on this stuff.  but one year later, it’s sitting on the counter again – and since sunday the bowl has been refilled once.

some fall decorations have made their way out as well, can’t wait to really decorate the place!  trips to hobby lobby and joanns have me very excited and feeling creative.

oh and nothing screams fall like football.  even though i can kiss my boyfriend goodbye for the next several weeks – i must admit, the thought of tailgating has got me pretty excited.

looky here…

actual hiking shoes?  yessir.  it’s finally cool enough to keep from drowning in sweat on trails.

AND.  added bonus.  still warm enough to wear shorts.  i love shorts + sweatshirt weather.

monday was perfectly overcast with a cool breeze and steady 65-57 degree temps for some trail action at the jefferson memorial forest.

it was woodford’s first hiking experience.  he’s quite terrified of fallen trees.

naturally, the beginning of fall should be signified with a big pot of veggie chili.

and because libby’s canned pumpkin is now in the stores…

i found something for the boyfriend to make

his philosophy on cookie making?  go big or go home, clearly.

when you have a huge pot of chili and a few dozen cookies it’s best to share with family.

especially family with a fenced in back yard so your pup who still isn’t convinced that he’s exhausted from the hike can run his ya-yas out.

devil dog action photos.

it’s hard to pick a favorite season.

ok.  maybe not.

i love fall.

but how could you not love crisp fall nights that end with this


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