week 5 bh half training

29 Aug

at some point august became quite the busy month for planning.

the bff from college graciously booked our cottage stay in berea for homecoming.  i’m super excited for that!  it’s basically going to be lots of dolly parton, michael jackson, and old crow medicine show played on repeat while we drink cake flavored vodka and diet soda.  hopefully the boys can find a basketball game or something to go to :)

i know i promised lots of tacky cute…? pictures of the buffalo bills items that adorn our household this weekend, but i have no idea where time went.  i had a migraine from thursday through sunday.  it wasn’t pretty.  many milligrams of tylenol were taken.  the only thing that helped?  bourbon.  true story.

but in 18 days or so, we’re driving up to buffalo for what i truly believe will be a once a year trip – to see the bills play.  we’ve ordered buffalo face tattoos for the occasion.

the boyfriend has purchased the tickets and booked the room.  today i made woodford’s reservation at the doggie hotel.  which sounds way nicer than any place i’ve ever stayed.

i’ve also been put in charge of a project at work which is tres tres important.  it requires special training.  or an excuse to go to chicago.  either way.  i had to book those flights.

oh, and let me not forget.  the chicago trip?  just a couple days before the buffalo trip.  fly out. fly back. pack. drive. drive. drive some more.  football.  drive. drive. drive. drive some more.  then back to work.

it’s definitely not much of a vacation.

but you’ll be so proud of me!  check out this past week’s training!

what was on the agenda (from hal higdon’s week 3 intermediate half mary plan)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
stretch &strength 3.5 m run 6*400 5k pace 3m +strength rest rest 5k race

what actually happened:


side b of weights with a purpose (i think i’ll do a follow up after the half marathon to show how my weights progressed through out – but oh my!  i’m already lifting much more than i thought i could and definitely feeling stronger!)


3.5 mile run after walking woodford pup.  i actually got out of bed, and didn’t crawl back in it when the boyfriend was still asleep!  so proud!  i even did 3 AND a half…instead of cutting it short like i wanted to.


those sprints didn’t happen.  side a of weights did though!  and so did lots of walking the puppy.  i may use wednesday as a cross train day anyways to keep from burning out.


i was out of bed, walking the dog, and in my running clothes.  major migraine had me calling in to work for a few hours while i knocked myself out with some tylenol.  needless to say, those 3 miles were postponed…


side b of weights


those 3 miles were supposed to happen…but they were postponed again…i blame migraines, you can say lazy.  probably a little of both


the schedule says 5k race pace.  listen.  my race pace is the same as my easy run.  pretty much.  i also skipped last week’s 6 miler.  so i decided to do last week’s 6 miler instead of the 5k and also try and redeem myself for those 3 miles i brushed off.  i’m an accountant and we like to fudge the numbers, so i did 8.43 miles.

which is quite the accomplishment since i took a week off and hadn’t ran that far since this past winter.  score.  but my legs were running on empty.  all i had with me was some gatorade, but i really needed some added sugar.  lesson learned.

i’m also 100% a distance runner.  i dread 3 miles, but welcome anything over 6.  once i hit 3 miles, i hit a groove.  and i might as well stay with it.

i also listen to some dirty rap while i run.  i feel ridiculous.

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