this week just happened. already.

26 Aug


where did the week go?

between month end/quarter end prep at work + planning for homecoming +  planning for buffalo trip + planning for work trip to chicago + staying on running schedule + staying on lifting schedule + making sure puppy is well exercised

it’s been busy.

i wouldn’t have it any other way.

but seriously.  it’s been hectic.  i got a migraine yesterday and called in to work for a few hours.

i knocked myself out with like 1150 mg of tylenol and awoke ready to head in to work to tackle some assets.

today, i’m suffering from some tummy pains which i’ve decided were from all that tylenol.  it’s seriously the only thing that can relieve my headaches and allow me to sleep through it.  i don’t get migraines often enough to seek out a prescription.  but man.  they can be debilitating when they attack.

so this weekend is dedicated to unWINEding.

the boyfriend has a fantasy football draft on saturday.  apparently this is a real thing.

and apparently i need to write a post about our buffalo trip to see the bill’s play.  and i need to show you the….decorations…buffalo bill “decorations” to be exact…that adorn our small space.

check back this weekend?  looks like i’ll have some free time :)

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