it’s the fair ya’ll

22 Aug

normally, i would update you on last week’s bh half training plan.  but i fell flat.  i think i ran a total of 2 miles last week.  i think i still get points for walking the dog and for lifting weights monday, wednesday, and friday – right?  back on track today.  i promise.

but really, the updates are for me – so i can look back and see what i did day to day and my progress on paper even if i can’t see it in the mirror.

i’m sure the only reason you click over is to see the pictures.  so without further ado – the weekend update.  with fair bits.

all great weekends start with a margarita.  jumbo margaritas and free chips.

or mugs of beer.  it’s a personal preference, but i suggest choosing one or the other.

the kids may try and sabotage your weekend plans.

but don’t let those sad eyes deter you!  get a baby-sitter.  or you know.  just pick up all the chewable, valuable items laying around and pray that nothing is destroyed when you get back.  if you have actual children, don’t take advice from me.

get pumped about the fair.  where else do you get to see shirtless men in overalls and turkey legs the size of a donkey’s leg?!  if you have several responses to this rhetorical question – i would like to know.  i would like to visit those places as well.

get un-pumped and cranky when you’ve waited in this line of traffice for 20 minutes and scooted up about 5 feet.

seek out the nearest buffalo wild wings.

sleep in and enjoy your sunday morning.  get the boyfriend to make you an egg and cheese burrito.  not my boyfriend, though, your own.

once again, prep yourself for the fair.

because you may or may not have blue-ribbon winners in your family.

my aunt’s 1st place morning glory muffins.  i can tell you from first hand experience that these are absolutely delicious.

the boyfriend’s SIL’s 2nd place mexican wedding cookies.  i have no first hand experience, but can’t imagine cookies covered in powdered sugar to be bad.  and the SIL is a good cook – this i actually know from first hand experience.

next seek out a colonel

maybe try and hit on him a bit…talk him into making kentucky fried eggplant instead.

now time to see some animals!

this dude was passed out asleep!  it was so loud in there too, i’m not sure how he did it.

how cute are these guys?

these little ones are too cute!  who would want to eat them?

or this for that matter…

i was pretty intrigued with the fried kool-aide, but actually it sounded gross.

the only fair food i was craving?

grilled corn on the cob with a little cajun seasoning.  oh my dog.  yum.

it was the necessary annual trip to the fair.  it also helped we had free tickets thanks to the aunt.

until next august kentucky!

oh, and if any of you ever see this for sale let me know

i’m willing to pay tens of dollars for my own.



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