baby’s first check-up

19 Aug

my baby is getting so big!

okay.  so he still looks thin and lanky and awkward at 22 lbs.  all legs baby.  but guess what!  the vet said he’s the perfect weight and it would be ideal that he stays thin.  why couldn’t i get those genes?!

woodford pup has some worms.  which wasn’t surprising coming from a shelter.



and hook worm:

oh my dog!  that is scary.  get out of my dog!!!

so he’s getting some special medicine that gets sprinkled on his food and we’ll check for worms in two weeks when he gets his booster shot.

woodford pup also has some waxy mess in his ear – pretty typical of a floppy eared dog, and we have a liquid solution that we’re squirting in his ear once a day.

also.  you should see the boyfriend and i try and wrangle an awkward long-legged dog into some sort of position where we can use a syringe to shoot liquid in his ear.  do they have competitions for that?

i was afraid woodford might have a UTI because he was peeing NONSTOP.  the nurse took woodford pup out to get a pee sample and we waited patiently.

proud papa.

actually.  we got kind of bored waiting on the results.

thankfully woodford is infection free – mostly.  the vet said it wasn’t a UTI, but his white blood cell count was high indicating the start of a possible infection.  woodford is on amoxicilian for 14 days just in case.

i also got quite a bit of a biology lesson – in relating to dog belly buttons (woodford has an outie), and woodford’s testicular status.

i giggled.

woodford might get a complex, so don’t ask him about it.

overall woodford is a healthy happy pup.  and we’re proud doggy parents.

^ probably how woodford sees us

i see a dog park in our near future now that i know he’s healthy enough to be around other dogs.

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