weights with a purpose side b

18 Aug

yesterday i completed workout “b” and i am definitely feeling it today.

it’s a total body workout, just like “a,” but it’s different exercises to work those muscles differently.

side a

and now

side b: *good form and completing the full motion in any exercise is the most important task in lifting to make sure you stay injury free.  seek a personal trainer, online, or printed resources if you are unfamiliar with proper techniques.

deadlifts:  technically, the version i do are supposedly called “romanian deadlifts.”  it’s the version i’m most comfortable with.

3 sets 10 reps: 40 lbs total for wednesday.  i head upstairs at my gym since it’s less crowded, but they don’t have the weighted bars up there, and instead of wasting time to do these lifts downstairs – i used 20 lb free weights in each hand.  i prefer the bar.  i kept thinking my form was off as far as holding the weights in front of me.  next time, i’ll suck it up and lift with the big boys downstairs.

lat pull down: i want to eventually be able to do a pull up without assistance since it’s one of my measurable goals.  i will probably interchange the lat pull down (completed on the machine) with the assisted pull up machine until i can eventually lift my full weight.

3 sets 10 reps:  15 reps at 100 lbs and 15 reps at 85 lbs.  i was feeling comfortable doing 100 lbs until the middle of set 2.  my form was being compromised, so i took a break and then finished using the next block weight down.  hindsight, i probably could have completed the 3 sets at 100 lbs if i had taken longer rest breaks.  it’s key, when starting to lift heavier weights, to take longer rest periods unless you are lifting to exhaustion.

bench press:  again, i was missing the weighted bar for this exercise, and i think the bar really helps with form.  instead i used free weights.  i kept having to pay attention to see if my arms were in sync, coming down at the right angle and again going straight up.

3 sets 10 reps:  30 lbs total, 15 lbs in each hand.  i thought i would be able to do more weight than this, but because i was using free weights, each arm is working solo.  i felt like i wasn’t getting the push i needed from my chest and my arms were working independently.  next time, again, venturing downstairs for this one – or perhaps the whole side b :)

bicep curls:  because this is a single set for workout b, i was sure i could use the 15 lb weights.  wrong.  i was able to complete most with the 15 lbs until my left arm was jumping ship.

1 set 10 reps: 15 lbs each arm 6 reps and then 12.5 lbs each arm for 4 reps.  i think it will be a week or so before i can complete any sets of 15 lbs each hand.

abs:  i should have added weight to this one.  there were so few reps that i was done and left feeling like i should have done more.

2 sets 12 reps:  i like to extend my legs straight as i lay on the floor with my heels a couple inches from the floor and “crunch” lifting my shoulder blades off the ground.  i think next time i’ll try using a weight and the incline bench since those are much harder for me.

side a for tomorrow!


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