week 3 BH half training

15 Aug

i feel like i’ve dropped off from blogging.

honestly i’ve been so exhausted with the running, lifting, doggie walking, doggie training, adjusting to puppy, etc etc – it’s been a heck of a week 3 training!

i’m proud to say that i haven’t veered much from the actual training plan.

here’s the actual plan:

week 3
mon tues wed thurs fri sat sun
stretch & strength 3 miles 5*400 5-k pace 3 m + stretch  & strength rest 3 m 5 m

*from hal higdon’s week 1 intermediate half training plan

and here’s what actually happened:


weight lifting schedule “a” *will post more about  the weights i’m doing tomorrow


3 mile run around the neighborhood – pre picking up woodford.  the boyfriend and i got to sleep in and it was glorious.  i love being able to sleep in together and then go out and get our run on together – makes me feel so accomplished for the both of us.


this totally didn’t happen.  i was up dealing with puppyness.


narrowly didn’t happen.  the boyfriend and i slept in again, but i made myself pack running gear to work to hopefully squeeze in a run after work.  i almost talked myself out of the run then too, but then put my big girl britches on and pounded the pavement for 3 solid miles before jumping in the car with the AC on full blast.


hallelujah.  rest day.  love.


the boyfriend and i had quite the lazy week (no, not really, we’re both so exhausted)  we slept through this work out and i somehow fell back asleep saturday morning until 11 am with puppy asleep curled up next to me.  i’m not complaining though.  we tried to hit the treadmills that evening as inclement weather loomed.  i believe we made it half a mile before i turned the treadmill off and huffed that i was bored.  the boyfriend concurred and we went back to the house.


i was feeling strong, confident, and slightly guilty from saturday’s poor attitude.  i finished 7.5 miles (slow) and felt amazing.  i made my loop extra long to make sure i completed more than 5 miles to hopefully even out the mileage for the week.  my knees were feeling it towards the end, but felt fine the rest of the day.

overall thoughts:

do you count the miles you walk the dog as exercise?  i added up the miles for one day and it was an extra 3-4 miles walked.  which over the course of the week really add up to total mileage.  i believe the added walking has kept my joints loose and feeling good after the longer runs, even if i am exhausted.

my favorite post workout meal?  jason’s deli.  uhm hello huge salad bar.  i had 2 huge salads sunday after my run followed with a small dish of soft serve ice cream.  yum.

gatorade can be fairly expensive as well as resourcefully consuming with the plastic bottles, but gatorade mix is much more affordable and environmentally friendly.  i carried a sports bottle with gatorade mix in it through the 7.5 miles and felt strong, less sweaty, and appropriately hydrated in the end.

i sweat a lot.  a lot.  so any time i’m going to run more than 4 miles i try to make sure to have a sports bottle with water and/or gatorade with me – or at the very least my loop circles by the clubhouse where i can get to a water fountain.

some runners may need to hydrate more or less frequently but i’ve found through trial and error that taking little sips throughout a 4+ mile run keeps me energized.  i”m also not a fan of gu, gels, or candy on runs and only try to tap into quick sugar fixes on 9+ miles.  i much prefer liquid calories that are consumed throughout a run instead of chugged when the tank is feeling low.

here’s to week 4!

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