woodford by iphone

11 Aug

good afternoon!

i’m totally loving this unseasonably cool weather – i sat outside on the porch for about an hour last night sweat free with woodford pup by my side.

i also forgot my camera at work.  so.  no cute pictures of woodford pup.

except maybe some taken with the iphones:

baby pup helping the boyfriend work.

his favorite spot to lay after walking.

it took about 5-8 minutes last night to get him to stop barking after putting him to bed in his crate.  he whimpered a few times but then snuggled up with his blanket and fell asleep.  the little angel slept like a rock and didn’t make a noise when my alarm went off this morning.  it was fabulous.

i’m going to start researching the right ages and how to’s of running/jogging with a dog.  i’ve heard it’s recommended to wait until they’re at least 1 year of age.  any knowledgeable readers out there willing to give me some tips?

i’ll leave you this afternoon with the following series of photos the boyfriend just sent me.  in case you were wondering about olivia.  she’s bad ass and can hold her own against any dog.  and also, woodford is pretty scared of her.

like peas and carrots.

…or ketchup and fruit.




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