meet woodford

10 Aug

losing opie was one of the hardest things i’ve had to do.

if you have pets then you know that you become accustomed to a routine.

potty walks.

long walks.





vet visits.

vet bills.

sloppy wet kisses.

pee pee stains that never seem to come clean.

holes in the carpet that you have decided, from a distance, could just be an awesome rug pattern…no?  no.  definitely a hole in the carpet.

it’s the ups and downs of adopting a dog – or any animal – that have tested my nerves, shown me what compassion is, and has ultimately influenced my no meat diet.

i’m still very sad when i think about opie dog.

i also know i have a lot to give a homeless pup.

opie dog and olivia were both shelter babies.  i’ve only ever adopted from shelters and can’t ever imagine adopting from a breeder.  there are too many homeless feline and canine friends out there.

and for those reasons

let me introduce you to woodford.

i want to backup and say that the boyfriend and i had looked at dogs in the past.  we weren’t 100% serious as we already had a dog and a cat in a 2 bedroom condo.

bill wanted another beagle and i wanted something a bit bigger.  we ended up taking a puppy test online via animal planet.

we settled on what size, grooming maintenance, exercise, watch dog ability etc and we were given several breeds that matched the criteria.  the top 3 were setters.

we instantly fell in love with the looks of the english setter and started searching the shelters.  we came across “benny”. a 7 month old setter mix about an hour away.  we knew he had to be ours.

when we got to the shelter and saw “benny” we knew he wouldn’t be a pure setter, but we were both kind of surprised by his thin, lanky, body.

the shelter volunteers were calling him a brittnay bird dog.  either way we knew he would be coming home with us because he was so full of puppy energy and spirit.  we had the shelter hold “benny” while we went to the pet store to pick up a few puppy essentials.  we also googled brittany spaniels.

english setter:

brittany spaniel:

while both have similar characteristics and personality attributes – both are also bird dogs, the brittany is smaller (45-50 lb vs 60-70 lb) and has a cropped tail.  our little guy is definitely sporting the cropped tail.

we loved “benny” at first happy stub-tail wag!  we didn’t love his name, and knew our future pup would be named woodford.  or “wooford” in dog speak.

he enjoyed the whole ride home in the air conditioned car.  we learned he has yet to be neutered.  because, well…to put it politely…they thought he already had been.  things just haven’t…fallen into place.  but next month we can bring him back to be neutered for free.

woodford loves to play.

and made himself right at home.  he reminds me of a pre-teen boy who has hit a growth spurt and is super tall, his pants are too short and his t shirt is too tight.  he’s still awkwardly trying to maneuver his new long limbs.

we’ll be making a vet appointment asap to make sure he is healthy and growing up to be a handsome fella.

woodford would say hello but i got word he’s passed out asleep in the bathroom.


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