Week 2 BH Half Training

8 Aug

happy monday.

as promised here’s week 2 (last week’s) big hit half training

week 2 from hal higdon’s novice half mary plan

Stretch &
3 m run
2 m run or cross
3 m run +
30 min
4 m run

what actually happened:


if you’ve been reading then you know monday was a very tough day.  the boyfriend suggested going to the gym that morning  but i didn’t want to – and i’m glad we spent that time with all of us together.


2.5 miles at an easy pace – the turkey trots were setting in and it was a struggle to get back to the house in time!


2 miles out and back at an easy pace


2.5 miles at an easy pace – really wanted to finish but it was a slow start out of the house and no strength training for me :(  but the boyfriend is killing it on the strength part!


oh sweet baby jesus.  it was nice not having to get up and run.


instead of “cross training” we tackled cleaning the office and coat closet.  i’m pretty sure it took us longer than 30 minutes and hauling stuff to the trash was even more of a workout when you factor climbing the stairs!  i wish i had done before and after photos, but i’ll try and take pictures tonight to show you our progress and the junk that needs sold/donated now hiding in the living room.  i figured if i left the donate/sell pile laying in the living room i’d be more motivated to do something with it.


we said we’d sleep no later than 8.  i set the alarm for 7:30.  i turned the alarm off at 7:30 and it was 9 before we knew it.  it was 9:30 before we were out the door.  but thankfully a nice rain had came through during the night which did nothing for the sticky humidity but there was a nice breeze blowing and the skies were still overcast which made 4 miles very doable.  i also ran in my old nike free tennis shoes.  i was blessed with ZERO blisters after 4!!! miles.  hallelujah.  the 4 miles felt great especially without the blister pain.

i ran with a gatorade/water mix which i think helped me from feeling too hot or exhausted in the humidity.  i’ve touched on this before – i don’t run the same route as the boyfriend, but for safety reasons we stay within the same area as each other.  it was a nice surprise running past him going in opposite directions a few times – it’s the little things that help keep me motivated!

and when i said i completed 4 miles.  i meant to say 4.25!!!  i had to make half a loop around my neighborhood to finish up, and well, that put me on the other side of where my house is – the plan was to walk and cool down, but i felt so good i kept trucking right on around to meet the boyfriend.

blister free is the way to be.  however, going from the full stability shoe to nike free is a huge difference.  i’m not in pain but i could definitely feel the 4 miles in my knees and ankles the rest of the day.

from here on out i am following the hal higdon intermediate 12 week plan.  wish me luck :)






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