weekend update 3 days late

3 Aug

i can’t say it enough, but thank you again to everyone who’s checked in with the boyfriend and myself.

we’re doing better :)  opie was a silly guy and we’ll remember him as such.

let’s talk about happy times.

this past weekend the boyfriend and i headed out to the state capital and down to none other than…

buffalo trace distillery.  buffalo trace produces buffalo trace bourbon, eagle rare, rain vodka, pappy van winkle, as well as a few others.

we’ve done one other distillery tour (woodford) and decided at some point we would do the whole bourbon trail.  the tours are usually free and include a sample at the end – score!

if you’re not a bourbon fan, i highly recommend taking the tour anyways because the history and the process is so neat.  these distilleries have been around since pre-prohibition.  the process hasn’t changed over the years no matter what technology does.

it’s a kentucky staple that is enjoyed all over the world.

at the end of the tour we sampled the buffalo trace, eagle rare, and their newest concoction – bourbon cream.  i liked the eagle rare much better than the buffalo trace, but it’s all preference.  the tour guide asked who preferred which the best and it was pretty much 50-50.

the bourbon cream is much like baily’s but SO MUCH better.  mm. i bought a bottle to take home with me.  we were informed that only a few louisville distributors have started selling the cream, but i’m sure it will be more widely available soon.

and like our woodford trip, we purchased a shot glass and a whiskey glass to add to our collection.

this trip was a great way to spend the day, however it was actually an after-thought.

our real intentions were to head to georgetown to watch the cincinnati bengals practice!  i’m a bengals fan and the boyfriend is an nfl fan.  it works.

***this is the part where i show you pictures of the field, the players, us eating a pretzel…

uhm.  we paid to park.  we walked to the football field.  the heavens opened up and POURED!  there were news crews interviewing fans as we all huddled under a walkway.  we were told practice would be delayed until 6:30.  it was 3 o’clock and we had only had a couple shots of bourbon for the day.

we knew we weren’t going to hang around for 3 hours, and the car was a good quarter of a mile away in a field.  for the second time that day we sprinted.

in the rain.

i got out the iphone and searched for a nearby restaurant.  we drove a couple miles to discover the restaurant was without power.  we looked around the strip mall and noticed the whole place was without power.

we were hangry.

we left the strip mall and noticed that the caution lights and fast food joints were without power.  we knew it was time to go home.  without food.

we started making our way to i-64.  every light in town was out.  roads were flooded.  a van had nose dived into a flooding parking lot.  we had to turn around and find another way out of this quickly flooding and electricity-free town.

2 hours later we made it home for some much needed mexican food.

it never tasted so good!

we’re hoping to make a pre-season practice another weekend.

i’ll check the weather next time.

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