opie the beagle baby

1 Aug

it’s been rough.

like “accepting a new animal, a dog, in the house – when you’re the queen of the land” rough.

rough, like being in a crate all day and wanting to shred a pillow rough.

but even through the rough times there were kisses and hugs

family that tolerated us and showed us the ropes

we posed for embarrassing photos, because it was our first christmas together

and we welcomed new members to our family one christmas later.

we explored our backyard

and explored campsites until we were forced to nap in the dirt, despite everyone calling us city folk

at home on the balcony was one of our favorite places to sit and watch the neighbors

in bed cuddling, you were the warmest blanket.

you even helped organize my underwear drawer.

i knew you were sick and there wasn’t much else we could do

i tried to hold on as long as i could, but realized i couldn’t be selfish forever

there’s no looking back

we have each other and you will be in our thoughts forever.

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