even rex ryan would be turned off by this post

28 Jul

3 miles done.  beautiful breakfast in my belly.

but i’m exhausted.  not necessarily from the running or getting up early.  but from the nightmares i’ve been having.  seriously.  this is like the 3rd day in a row i’ve woken up feeling stressed from my dreams.

one night the boyfriend was mad at  me in my dream.  he wouldn’t give me the time of day.  i spent the next day asking him if everything was ok and if he was mad at me.  seriously.

i dreamed that someone living in my house wanted to decapitate my head.  this was probably due to watching a nbc dateline story about raising psychotic children who tell their parents they want to chop of their heads.

last night i was dreaming that i was being chased and then my own dog turned on me.  i didn’t tell opie dog about the dream, but he knew something was up when i wasn’t sharing my cereal with him.

i wonder what a dream analyst would say this all means?  it kind of looks like i’m stressed or troubled but i feel completely normal.

in actual real life horrors – i’m dealing with this *caution: things are about to get real

that’s my left foot.  and that’s a gigantic blister.  it’s sometimes squishy.  it’s sometimes empty.  it’ll eventually turn into a nice hard callous.  foot armor.

that’s my right foot.  less busted up looking, but not pain free either.

you see.  i have extremely flat feet.

i am a heavy runner.  i over-pronate.  i’ve been dealing with this and trying different techniques for 5 years.

i’ve ran in basically every brand out there and followed runner’s world suggestions.

i started to read about barefoot running after seeing someone on a hiking trail running in vibrams.  i found that barefoot/minimalist running gives me the most comfort as my foot is free to fall where it wants.  i experienced zero blisters and was a natural barefoot runner.  it’s recommended to start out with low mileage in these shoes, but i ran 3 miles right away and fell in love.  i did, however, trip over my toe during a run.  i felt fine and finished the run.  however, 12 hours later my ankle swelled up and i was off from running for a week.

unfortunately, i ran holes in my vibrams in 3 months.  it was not an affordable option for me.  i switched to nike free which got me through training for my first half and the actual race.  they were minimalist without the built up insole, they were light and flexible – and the soles didn’t deteriorate.

i was still worried, though, that i might be causing long term damage to my knees.

while training for the full marathon i decided to get fitted for running shoes.

ok.  i wear an 8.5 shoe.  some of my sandals are 9’s because i don’t want a big toe to appear to be hanging over the edge.  tacky.

i usually bought size 9 running shoes because your feet do swell when you run.

i went to fleet feet in town and they had me jump on the treadmill for a minute while they recorded me running.  the lady played the footage back and i can definitely see how my knees are turning in instead of my leg staying in a straight line while i run.


she sized my foot and brought out a few options.  my favorite was a nike – it looked nice and i had been running in nikes for some time at this point.

i tried on a 9 and she said it was too small.  she assured me that i wouldn’t be leaving with a shoe that was too big for my feet, but that typically you need to go up a whole size.  ok.  9.5 it is.  i can handle that somewhat.

she brought out the 9.5  she tilted her head back and forth much like opie dog when you say the word “potty.”

“you know,” she said “i think you could really go up another half size.”

OH MY DOG!  you’re telling me my already NOT petite size 8.5 feet need a size 10 running shoe?!  the humiliation sank in as the boyfriend was sitting next to me through all this.  i mean he wears like a size 12 or something – i don’t want MAN feet!

the running shoe specialist lady went back to what i assume is the depths of their store to a section titled “sasquatch.”

at this point i just wanted to buy the shoes and run away.  hide.  not come out until there was a race and maybe somehow distract the gazes at my feet with a neon yellow running tank or something.

the shoes fit.  i mean i’m not stepping out of them as i run.

so what would you do?  throw caution to the wind and go with what is comfortable now?  worry about aches and pains when they come?  or hopefully wait it out and see if your feet toughen up?

for now i’ll be running in these clown shoes.

if you see me out running the streets feel free to ask if i do children’s birthday parties.



One Response to “even rex ryan would be turned off by this post”

  1. Allison @ PickyEatingRD July 28, 2011 at 9:43 pm #

    When it comes to running you totally have to throw caution in the wind. Your actual feet are the same size regardless of what shoe you are in right?!?! RIGHT! Roll with comfort!

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