just a couple of winos

27 Jul

i still haven’t posted about our winery trip!


this past sunday we drove the hour trek to corydon, indiana.  we passed a few wineries on the way, but they weren’t ones i had a living social deal with!

scout mountain is a teeny tiny winery located up a small beaten path on a hill.  a small building was were we assumed the “winery” was.  inside was a rustic looking tasting room.  it was basically standing room only at a bar.  several people had made the out of the way journey to spend their sunday here.  luckily we had a reserved tasting.

4 of our good friends, the boyfriend and i were waived back behind the bar and through a door where we were smack dab in the middle of a large garage space where the wine making actually happens.  they had a long table set up for us.  on the table were pour buckets, glasses, chocolates, and crackers.  they had prepared crackers and cheese dip for us to munch on as well.

they offered us every single wine they had available.

while tasting they told us about their almost 3 year long journey to wine making.  they walked us through the process of wine making and they described how they only sell at their winery because they are too small to produce enough for distributors.

small is good my friends.  we probably sampled..10..12 wines?  and they were all so good.  you could really tell the care they take into crafting each bottle.  the pictures above show their press and their bottling machines.  they label every single bottle by hand.

towards the end the lady told us if we were interested to sign up to receive their emails they would inform us when apples were ready to be picked or any sold out wines would be available again.  she also informed us that when the grapes are ready to be picked they invite volunteers to help.  free wine is served, food is provided, gifts are given, and a band would be scheduled to play.  uhm…yes.  sign me up now.  they also have a grape stomping contest.

the guys’ tongues were wagging with anticipation at the mere thought of free food.  everyone made sure their name was on the email list.

the living social deal included the wine tasting, snack, a full glass of wine and a free bottle.  all for $20.  it was pretty easy for me to pick my favorite wine.  i’m not a fan of dry and i don’t like dessert wines, so my favorite semi sweet happened to be their best selling.  the owners gave us our space as we chatted over the glass.

that glass went so quick!  so what do you do when you’re not done socializing?  buy a bottle for the group!

after one more glass of wine, we made our way into the main tasting room for our purchases.  i went home with 3 bottles of the semi sweet i liked!  (of course one was technically free with the living social deal).  the boyfriend purchased the spiced pear semi sweet which was also reallllly good.  i think it will taste excellent in the fall!

and that was our sunday!  save for some fresh corn buying, and some dinner making.  and maybe some more wine drinking with a little guitar hero thrown in.  yeah.  i bet you want pictures of that, don’t you?  too bad.  i have too much self respect.


One Response to “just a couple of winos”

  1. Joe Piner August 1, 2011 at 3:00 pm #

    It was a great time and it was nice to see you and Bill again! I look forward to dragging Anna out next time. We’ll have to do stuff like this as a group more often!

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