running rant

26 Jul

today started off with a sweaty 3 miler.  i was up at 6 and out the door by 6:15.

i told the boyfriend we would be doing the same route but going in different directions – because i didn’t want to be frustrated how far ahead of me he was.  it might sound silly, but when you’re feeling tired and all you want to do is be back in the air conditioning – focusing on how much farther someone is ahead of you really dampens your spirits.  for me it’s all about where I am and how far I need to push myself to finish.

so i took off to the right and the boyfriend took off to the left.  i started out strong but by the time i was coming up over the hill for the second time (4 times total) i was feeling the humidity, i was feeling the heaviness in my legs, and i was feeling major blisters on BOTH of my feet.

i want to do a whole separate post on my feet and my journey (continuing) to find a running shoe.  but let’s just say i’m used to blisters and i usually run through the pain, but this was a different beast.  they were throbbing!  I wasn’t even half way through.  after i passed the boyfriend at the half way point i could tell this was going to be a beast to do again (for the record I’m not a fan of repeated running loops – especially ones that take me right past my front door – soooo easy to quit!)

but after a couple walking breaks and thoughts of just cutting it short (which i totally recommend doing if you get a blister because they can seriously mess up your plans to run the next day or the next few days.  do as i say not as i do.) i made it to the 3 mile mark in 36 minutes.  am i ashamed of that time?  considering the circumstances, no.  mileage will always be mileage. but i’m also not proud.

i also know that it’ll take a few weeks and training is a journey.

i’m hoping to post pictures later of our winery trip this weekend and tomorrow let’s talk about shoes!  running shoes.

ALSO.  bachelorette.  oh my dog.

i can’t take it anymore but must keep watching!  let’s just say the boyfriend and i started singing the snl hit “it’s not gay if it’s a three way” when assley had two roses and two guys left…but still found it necessary for a rose ceremony.  awkward.

i also wish ryan would stop crying.  if i’m going to be dumped it better be in fiji.  you would think mister happy hippie would see this silver lining and go help build a tree house equipped with solar power and rain run-off barrels.

done ranting.


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