week 1 of BH half

25 Jul

good morning!  we made it through another grueling weekend.  ok, maybe it wasn’t grueling, but we’re back at it anyways.

this weekend went by too quickly, and i’m sure i write that every monday.  but it never stops being true.

saturday i did a sprint workout which i’m growing to love more and more.  i take several walking/jogging breaks during my 2-3 mile treadmill workout, but i can tell i’m getting much stronger/faster.

i used to only be able to sustain a 9 minute mile pace for 1 minute before dropping back to a 10-10:30 minute mile.  i’m now running quarter-miles at the 9 minute pace!  which is huge for me.  i then take a break (30 seconds-1 minute depending on how far in to the work out i am) and then power through another quarter mile.  it really makes the dreadmill fun.

i did this same workout sunday morning with the boyfriend in the clubhouse.  i think he thought it was really weird that i was grunting/groaning getting through the last “turn” on the “track.”  it hurts so good!

starting today we are at week 1 of training for the big hit half!

as i mentioned i’m following hal higdon’s 12 week intermediate program, but for the next two weeks i’m doing 2 weeks of the novice program.

week 1 of 14 workout


Stretch &

3 m run
2 m run or cross
3 m run +
30 min
4 m run

this morning i got the boyfriend out of bed at 6 am.  we headed to the clubhouse for a brief cardio workout before working on strength.


.25 mile level 7 on treadmill

.25 mile level 6

.25 mile level 7

.20 mile level 6

.05 mile level 3 (cool down)

(can i also count walking opie to go poop?  that’s another .1 mile i’m sure)

then i tried to follow some moves in fitness magazine.

1. i have taken several bikram yoga classes and managed just fine

2. the moves in fitness magazine were ten times harder and possibly described wrong – because those moves weren’t happening!  balance was way off!

so i moved on to what i knew.  wall squats.  oh the burn!

followed by leg extensions on the machine. and chest and back with the weight machine.  thanks to the boyfriend for figuring that thing out.  i really need to come up with some measurable and consistent way to perform strength/stretching days.  help me?

came inside for a quick shower and the breakfast of champions.

frosted mini wheats.  nothing like a workout and sugar to get the blood moving in the morning!

13 weeks, 6 days to go!

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