big hitters

23 Jul

totally dropped the ball on yesterday’s post.  oops.

i was doing some investigative accounting!  doesn’t that sound exciting?  it actually means i was out in a plant all day walking around and sifting through dirty materials.  thank goodness i ate cereal yesterday morning because i worked straight through until about 3!  oh man the hunger pangs were sharp.  luckily this meant i got to leave early for the day.

before i get to the exciting news.  funny story.  the boyfriend and i were watching the “made” show on mtv and it was one about an aspiring rapper.  the kid’s coach happened to be a real life famous rapper who in the end rapped on the kid’s recording.  the boyfriend started to say “oh, that will be a really cool thing for the kid to use on his…” he paused and i filled in the blank “resume?”  and then the boyfriend said “well yeah, but his uhm….oh know.. dvd?  oh shoot, no cd!”  at which point he sounded like a confused old man trying to figure out what those darn kids listed to these days.  it was funny in the moment but it was even funnier when the boyfriend looked at me and said “don’t put that in your blog.”  haha.

moving on.

my exciting news!  i’m proud to say, as i mentioned i wanted to a few weeks ago, that i am 100% signed up for…

awwww yeah!  because there’s nothing like paying hard earned money to actually become committed to something.  as i’ve mentioned in the past i’ve only ever done one other half.  it was a blast!  the training was hard, the run through nashville’s hills were hard…but i loved it.  i loved the pride and being really focused on something.

the big hit half (formerly the home run half) is oct. 30th (costumes perhaps?  baseball inspired running gear?  we’ll see…).  and as i had mentioned before will be running through dowtown and passing through some local landmarks – slugger field, yum center, churchill downs, fraiser museum.  it’s flat downtown, and i hope by late october we’re experiencing cooler temps.

the boyfriend will be signing up next week and our plan is to keep each other motivated.  i’ve made him promise to try waking up early with me for one week.  i think that if he gets up i will want to get up too.  we have 14 weeks until the race and we’re both following hal higdon’s guide to half marathon training.

hal higdon promises to have you trained in 12 weeks.  with the extra 2 weeks thrown in i think i will do two weeks of the novice plan and follow weeks 1-12 of the intermediate plan.  the difference between the two is that the intermediate assumes you’ve ran some distance in the past and are looking to improve upon your time.  you will be completing about the same work day distance each week but some of those workouts include speed work.  the weekend long runs will bump up in distance more rapidly.

my plan for the next 14 weeks is to document each monday what that week’s runs look like.  then each day post how my workout went with what i find best for fueling those workouts with.

i’m hoping those summaries will be brief and i can also continue to share stories of the dog pooping and the cat hacking up hairballs and the boyfriend being an old man.

so monday we’ll get started, but i have a run planned for sunday followed by some wine tasting.  i’ll be sure to let you know how that goes.

until then!

let me know if you’ll be running the big hit half!  there’s also a quarter marathon race (3.2 miles) and a relay if you’re interested.

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