what if

21 Jul

…we all boycott work tomorrow?  like a mass protest for longer weekends.  i mean if we all band together on fridays and NOT show up for work, what could “the man” really do?  I mean it would be a national revolt.

you may say…but who will be working the checkout lines at walmart?  and who will serve my beer to me on friday night?

this is why i’m telling you this now.  stock up tonight.  giant block-party tomorrow.  no driving.  no go-to entertainment.  let’s just go to the store tonight, stock up on some grilling items, and beer.

we’ll sleep in tomorrow morning, and then we’ll all go outside for an all day block-party.  just be cool about it.  we don’t need cops.  everyone keep their shit together.  don’t go doing anything crazy either because the hospital will be closed.  but in case you do, pray your neighbor knows cpr.

let’s test this out, because we could totally keep doing this every week for forever.

at least tomorrow is friday.  we’ve made it another full work week happy and healthy.  at least i hope we all have.

i think i’ll have a fun post tomorrow.  it involves money.  and me paying money.  to do something i can do for free.  the american dream.

until then.

let me know if you’re playing hooky tomorrow…i don’t want to be the only one who shows up to work.

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