my dreams came true

18 Jul

i purchased a food processor!  and it wasn’t $200 +.  double !!

it’s a hamilton beach from target.  after i thought about it, i really liked my rice cooker that is also hamilton beach.  i use it at least once a week if not 2 or 3 times a week and it performs very well.  for $50 i felt like i was hopefully getting a little something for my money without breaking the bank.

the lovely work station.

i’m seriously running out of space.  i hate to put these appliances away because i use them ALL the time.  on the other side of the sink there is a toaster oven and an electric tea kettle – which i use to make my coffee in the mornings in my french press.

next to the stove is our other purchase at target.  a mini george foreman.  perfect for the boyfriend to grill a hamburger, and perfect for me to grill onions!

back to the food processor.

it’s a 10 cup capacity bowl, and it comes with two blades – the chopper and the slicer/shredder.

i wanted to pulverize!

i started with a fourth cup unsalted roasted peanuts. whirled them around, and in seconds i had beautiful peanut butter.  add a sprinkle of sea salt, whirl again, taste, and add more salt if needed.

it was delicious!  i’m storing the butter in the fridge to keep the natural oils from separating, although, i don’t think it’s necessary to store in the fridge.

if you’re a jiff die hard, read the label.  even the “natural” jiff.  in order to achieve “creamy” consistency many brands add palm oil.

palm oil is used in food products as well as biofuel.  the production of which has lead to deforestation in the rain forest.  palm oil is also high in saturated fats with no other nutritional value.

all you need for peanut butter is peanuts.  and maybe some salt.  if you’re not ready to start making your own, i know meijers brand has a very cheap peanuts and salt only peanut butter.  read the labels.  on anything really.

so it was time to really test out this machine.

almonds are a lot meatier than peanuts, and require a bit more grinding action.

after roasting them in the oven, and trying not to eat them all whole,

i whirled them around for a few minutes.

beautiful almond dust.

i was afraid to keep whirling, as the machine suggested anything being used for more than 2 minutes, there should be a 4 minute break in between; i let the motor cool down.

then it was time for some more whirling until i created this:

beautiful almond butter!

i was working with a recipe to make a fancy schmancy almond butter, but i wasn’t that crazy with the results.  the recipe called for added oil…which isn’t necessary unless you really want it super liquidy…and even with the recommend amount i wasn’t getting that consistency.  in order to preserve some sort of nutritional value i didn’t keep adding oil.  the recipe also called for vanilla and almond extracts.  i have very good quality vanilla, but when i went to the store to purchase the almond extract all i could find was the store brand extract – no $10 extract to be found!  I purchased what they offered and used in this recipe.  i’m not sure if i just don’t like the almond extract, the quality wasn’t good, the recipe called for too much or some combination of the three…but it made the almond butter taste…funny.

i’m hoping i’ll eat this on toast or in oats otherwise that was 1 cup of almond…all gone :(

now.  if you want to try something REALLY amazing.  make MMM sauce.  i’ve read about it for months, but had nothing strong enough to grind up almonds.  this stuff is like crack.  it makes a wonderful dip, spread, dressing, or meal in itself if you start licking the bowl before you actually use it for its intended purpose.

Mama Pea says this makes 1.5 cups.  i’m telling you you’ll want to double…maybe quadruple this recipe because you’ll go back for seconds of salad and the boyfriend will tell you he thinks he’ll have more too and then you have to give him the sad face because you just took the last of the salad mix and mmm sauce.

if you’ve never heard of nutritional yeast i highly recommend picking up some – if for this recipe alone.  i love air popping some popcorn and sprinkling this on it, sprinkling it on salads or roasted veggies.  it has a a cheesy/nutty flavor that can be an acquired taste at first.  locally in louisville i know rainbow blossom sells it as well as whole foods.  i’m not sure if kroger has any in their health/vegetarian/vegan food aisles yet, but i’m going to look today since i used the last of mine last night :(

if you’ve read this whole post, you get a gold star!

bachelorette tonight!  i’ll be tweeting – tweet date?



2 Responses to “my dreams came true”

  1. Kelly July 18, 2011 at 12:42 pm #

    I have been meaning to make Mmm sauce. Everyone is raving about it! I am totally watching The Bachelorette tonight..I will definitely be tweeting you! :)

  2. run run rachel July 18, 2011 at 2:01 pm #

    i tasted the mmm sauce and was like eh…and then i tasted it again…and then i was licking the lid of the food processor.

    it should be noted i couldn’t find dried cilantro at the time. but am kind of glad i didn’t – cilantro can be too powerful in my opinion.

    so glad we’ll all be watching the bachelorette! i love reading other people tweeting my thoughts.

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