fitness waves

14 Jul

welcome to the clubhouse.

let’s get this party started.

after a couple of weeks of hemming and hawing over  being down on myself for not being at the same physical level i was just a year ago, i decided to embrace where i am now.  my level of fitness always comes in waves.  i can be totally motivated for 10 months, and then fall completely off the wagon for 5.  it’s a cycle that can be pretty hard to deal with during those down periods.

however, those down periods are much needed.  i get burnt out.  i need that time away to crave it again.

and besides, who cares what my weight was 7 months ago?  who cares how fast my mile was or how far i could run?  who cares that i conquered camel position in bikram yoga?

i know i have support for conquering goals, but i’m the only one accountable for my own failure and success.

so instead of complaining about the heat, i went to the gym.

i actually have a gym membership, but it’s a lot easier to walk over to the clubhouse gym and then after a good work out i’m only a few yards from the house where i can plop on the couch.

the clubhouse has two treadmills, two ellipticals, and a recumbent bike.  the machines look fairly new, but i can tell the calibration is off compared to the gym machines.  for now i plan to keep the gym membership since this is the “weight” section of the clubhouse:

so i flipped on some inside edition

said a little prayer

and took off on some speed work!

i started my run at a very easy 5.0 pace.  i wanted to keep it simple since i would be bumping up my comfort zone for extended amounts of time.  1.5 miles in 15 minutes.  not impressive.  but with the speed work and a couple walking breaks thrown in it felt good.

i ran 1 minute at the 5.0 pace and then ran 1.5 minutes at 7.0 pace until 15 minutes were up.  the intervals literally made time fly by.  I was cursing the speed work and counting down the seconds.  then the minute easy pace was just enough to catch my breath before the speed came back.

i worked up a good sweat.

i then took a water break before hopping on the elliptical for 15 minutes.  it’s very easy for me to lazily do the elliptical while watching tv, so i concentrated on keeping the “speed” on the machine above 75.  10 minutes of this and then a 5 minute cool down before calling it quits.

opie dog kept the couch warm.

my goal today is to add another 15 minute speed session to the end of last night’s workout.  perhaps with a longer easy pace session, but bump up the speed during the fast parts.  i want to increase my “easy” pace over the next couple of weeks.

i’ve always been a morning runner.  but it’s kind of nice embracing an evening workout.  i can still watch the tv i would normally watch in the evening, except i’m not snacking during.  however, it can never compare to a 5 mile run as the sun is coming up – it might be sticky and hot, but that time before the morning traffic sets in is so peaceful.

my promises to myself are to stop worrying about my end goal, stop worrying about my fitness level in the past, and continually accept where i am now and work as hard as i can in this moment.

so tonight.  who’s in?

One Response to “fitness waves”

  1. Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun July 15, 2011 at 2:50 pm #

    I love that attitude. All we can do is be in this moment and dwelling on the past can limit taking action today. Way to go for making things happen!

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