i might be going insane

13 Jul

i want a food processor.

i really want one.

i have dreams of slicing my veggies super fast.  hopes of making my own almond butter.

i have no kitchen storage.  hopefully the boyfriend doesn’t mind converting the office into a mini bistro.

so what’s holding me back?

there are far too many choices and opinions.  and price options.  i don’t want to spend $200 on a food processor.  I don’t want to spend $20 either.

amazon.com is a great tool for researching the bajillion choices out there.  i tend to search my price range and then look for the top rated.  clearly cuisinart wins in the top rated category.  i click the reviews.  and i get confused again.

one star reviews

step 1.)  if you read through just a couple of the one star reviews you could clearly see my predicament.  i mean, out of 291 reviews the product only received 31 three star and below reviews.  not bad.  the price tag is still $100 which seems reasonable but then i worry if the motor or the blades are going to just stop working.  what if it’s too complicated to work?  what if a $50 appliance will be just as good?

step 2.)  i look at the lesser expensive brands and start to get excited about finding a reasonably priced appliance that will do everything i need.  sure, some of the cheaper brands have bad reviews…but it’s cheaper.  i’m not a chef.  i barely pop a veggie burger in the microwave for dinner at night.  i love to cook, but i hate dishes.

step 3.)  i start to imagine all of the possibilities a new kitchen toy will bring.  i can make almond butter!  for my friends!  i can slice veggies so quick i’ll eat them every night!  and then i start to look at more food processors and what i can get for just $20 more.  more capacity?  of course i want that!  more attachments?  i don’t know what they do, but i can learn! oh and for $10 more i can get a separate mixing bowl! or a blender attachment!

step 4.)  well if i’m going to spend $80 on a food processor, shouldn’t i just get the cuisinart?  and then i say well for $100 it’s a much smaller capacity cuisinart.  and then i rationalize that i don’t need a 12 cup capacity.  but then i decide i want at least a 10 cup capacity.  and then i look at the price of a 10 cup capacity cuisinart.  and then i say no i want to eat this week.  and then i rationalize that 7 cups is fine.  and then i start back over at number 1 above, and it’s an endless cycle of trying to decide what i want.

i went through this cycle with my rice cooker and camera.  luckily i was gifted a very lovely rice cooker that does everything i ever want it to do and more.  the camera…well…it was just as painful as the above process.  when i finally settled on one i got nervous because it was sold out everywhere and back ordered at best buy.  i accidentally ordered one off line from staples and bought one from target.  how do you accidentally do this?  insanity.

i took to the twitterverse monday night to get some insightful input on what i needed.  apparently i need a $500 vitamix.  no.  i can’t ever justify that.  even if i have a bajillion dollars.  i would rather purchase 200 million hamilton beach mixers.  i’ll use 2 a day and throw them away.  because i can.  i’m a bajillionair.

i understand that some brands have an image, and at the same time are high quality products.  but, we’re just chopping and mushing and slushing food, people.  i’m not rachael ray.  i’m more of a sandra lee.

so what am i going to do?


i don’t know.  right now i’m on step number 3 currently.

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