busy busy busy

12 Jul

normally i have a post up by now.

normally i don’t spend the day running in circles, only to be re-confirmed that the original hypotheses is correct.

normally i’m catching up on the day’s news and traffic right now before heading home from work.

i’m sucking down a diet coke, re-grouping, and trying to clear my mind for the ride home right now.  i still have 1hr and 15 minutes left of work.

it’s just been one of those days.

i wanted to do a post on shopping for a food processor since that’s all i was concerned with on twitter last night.  i appreciate all the help.  i really do.  we’ll get to that tomorrow shall we?

i’m still in limbo about my job opportunity.  it’s making me really anxious.

luckily i have a kind boyfriend who is cooking tonight.


so let’s all just take a deep breath and check back tomorrow :)


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