weekend update

11 Jul

happy monday.

hopefully you got to cut loose

and be a little silly.

hopefully you’re not burnt and peeling.

hopefully you remembered to re-apply the sunblock every hour.

if not

hopefully you were able to sit back and relax with a few great friends at a local bar.

if not

hopefully you were able to get out on saturday.

and relish the fact that you’re not the one turning 30.

and if you are 30 or just turned 30

hopefully it was spent with family and friends.  and beer.  (or bourbon, birthday boy).

don’t forget the cornhole.

i’m hoping you were able to make it to some water if you were blessed with hot humid temps.

and your seat on the way to the lake wasn’t taken over by the biggest most awesome floatie known to man.

if it was…i hope you didn’t have to deflate it and then re-blow it up.

and possibly pass out from the experience.

i hope you not only laid out to worship the sun, but enjoyed a little game of “catch the football while jumping off the boat.”

and again, because it’s worth repeating.

i hope you reapplied sunscreen every hour.

hopefully you learn from my mistakes.

i hope you were able to relax the last few hours of your vacation, because i did.

the boyfriend and i watched a movie and then watched a compelling story on tv.

i hope you didn’t get in an argument over the ethics of using your pain and suffering to make  money.

and if you did.

i hope you got over it in 5 minutes and kissed goodnight,

before passing out completely after such an exhausting day.

i hope you made it in to work safely this morning and are forced to suffer through another monday.

because if it weren’t for monday’s the weekend wouldn’t be nearly as special.

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