rear racks and cat butts

8 Jul

i wanted to show you the rear bike rack the boyfriend put on for me.

after several tweets with electra and a short trip to scheller’s, the rear rack i had purchased does indeed fit my 21d townie.  electra manufactures 3 different sized townie racks.  i had the right size, but instead of the rack legs fitting nicely inside of the bike frame, the legs are stretched to fit over the rear axle.  i would prefer to keep the body of the bike sleek and uniform, but i guess it’s not that noticeable.  i’m not a fan of the $50 rack that has to be modified…when i’m sure a $12 rack would have worked just fine.  i’m over it.  the rack is on…

isn’t she pretty?

the boyfriend did a very nice job.

opie dog supervised.

olivia handed out the tools.

and showed her ass as she grew tired.

actual cat butt.  isn’t she ridiculously fluffy???

and i…well i had the important job of documenting this task.  if you follow me on twitter then you know the first biking trip with the rack was a success.  i don’t have any bags or baskets yet, but i did wrap a bungee onto the rack.  it served it’s purpose of holding a 12 pack of diet coke.  hopefully i’ll get a little braver and take a trip to rite aid for small items before weathering a trek to kroger.  we’ll see.

have a good weekend.  the only plans thus far is going out on the boat on sunday for some sun and swimming.  we’ll see what else happens along the way and i’ll be sure to have my camera ready to document it all.

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