people are crazy, but if they’re family it’s ok

7 Jul

for the record, i love my boyfriend’s family.

let the record state i was scared to death meeting them.  the first time i met anyone related to the boyfriend we were stopping by his oldest brother’s house.  there was music playing.  a baby dancing.  two fat cats looking wild-eyed.  the boyfriend was offered a shot of bourbon and i couldn’t remember who was who.  was jack the baby or the cat?

the second time we visited the boyfriend’s oldest brother’s house was my birthday.  his sister-in-law had a gift for me.  there were cookies and candy and they sang happy birthday to me.  they even made me a vegan meal.

i met the whole family all at once on christmas eve.  oh yes i did.

i met both his aunts on his mother’s side, cousins, and grandma.  and i met mom and dad.  oh yes i did.  luckily, she didn’t offer to dress me on that first meeting.  i didn’t remember everyone’s name.  but i had a friend in his brothers and their wives.  i was anxious, but felt welcomed.

the day after christmas i met his dad’s side of the family.  i honestly to this day cannot tell you their names.  i remember what they look like.  i think i remember his uncle’s name.  there were many cousins and many of those cousins had multiple children.  i did good to find a place to sit and look scared.  but i had a friend in his brothers and their wives.

for the record, the boyfriend’s mother didn’t like that i didn’t eat meat, or at least she questioned it every time i came over.

for the record, she has since supplied meatless hamburgers in her freezer for impromptu cookouts.

for the record there is nothing more genuine than a 2 year old who has learned your name and expects you to come over when the boyfriend is there.  or asks for you to bail him out of bath time.  sorry kid.  even adorable kids get stinky and i am definitely in favor of bath time.

for the record, i don’t think his grandma knows my name.  that’s ok.  i don’t know hers.

for the record his aunt called me jennifer after first meeting me.  which is ok.  my whole family calls me that too. honestly.  it’s weird.

this morning i checked my facebook and had the sweetest note from the boyfriend’s sister-in-law.  i really appreciate both of his sister-in-laws.  and his brother’s too.  thank you all for being a friend.  or offering a shot of bourbon.

for the record, i have a crazy family and no room to judge.

my own aunt continues to check available dates to reserve for our wedding reception.  we’re not engaged.

my other aunt throws birthday parties and dresses her bulldog in a skirt.

my grandma carries on conversations at length with her own dog.

the same wedding obsessed aunt has probably enlisted the help of several people for this undetermined wedding.  i hope we don’t owe them money yet.

at the end of the day it’s not about who’s family can out-crazy the other.

for the record i think it’s pretty obvious.  or is it?

at the end of the day we’re all family now.  at least in the mind of my aunt.





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