choices, decisions, and tigers, oh my!

6 Jul

i have some exciting opportunities that were presented to me yesterday.  nothing is official, it was really just a “think about it” situation.  i want to share more if things happen the way i’m hoping.  as soon as anything becomes written in stone i’ll be sure to announce it to family and friends.

i watched the adjustment bureau this weekend with the boyfriend.

imdb site

side note: how many more movies can matt damon make where he is running from somebody?

if you’ve seen the adjustment bureau then you know it’s about the illusion of freewill and how we’re all just living our day to day lives on a path that is already set forth by some greater being.

in my current state of choices as it pertains to my future, it makes me question, especially after seeing the movie, if the turn of events were predicted to happen or if i (we) create opportunities in life and act upon them based on free will.

if you’re family, friend, or just a passerby reading about barking spiders – let me know  your thoughts on freewill vs fate.

or your critique of the movie.

i give it a B-.  It kept me somewhat entertained.  it wasn’t very mysterious as the previews had lead it to be.  it had a catch-all ending that seemed like an easy out – eh.

side note: i realize we’re discussing a movie that’s been out for awhile now, but i never go to the movies.  when it hits the redbox or netflix it becomes new to me.

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