boom boom pow

5 Jul

oh hi there – welcome back from vacation, or if you’ve made the most of the three day weekend and are taking another day off…i don’t like you.

alas, every good weekend should include pizza.

and bears.  and beers.

after working sunday morning, i came home and rested on the couch before making afternoon plans with our friends.  but first the boyfriend and i enjoyed a couple slices of pizza and a brew.

next stop was the waterfront.  i was very excited to try out our new tailgating chairs we purchased friday night.

oh yeah – double seater with a cooler in the middle.  we like to refer to it as the cadillac of tailgating.  also note – no cute dress :(.  i should have purchased the old navy dress when i had the chance.  when i went back to pick it up saturday – they only had sizes small and xl.  so disappointed.  i even checked another old navy by work and it was the same situation.  i tried on the xl thinking it might work.  i decided having a strapless dress sliding down constantly to be in poor taste.

i would like to tell you we enjoyed the concert.

but really we were there for the people watching.  there were a lot of people.  and not many sleeves.  especially NOT on the guys.  also found: jorts, shirtless dudes carrying beer, skol rings, and flannel.

that’s my kind of party.

a rainless storm came through during the band perry’s performance and created some very awesome lightning.  when the fireworks started the lightning was still carrying on and the combination looked very cool.  i wish i had a picture to show you, but my timing was off and all i got was color streaked photos.

the boys then decided they wanted to hang out a bit longer and our friend knew of the perfect dive bar to take us to.

i have no idea what this place is called or really where it’s located.  but for a neighborhood bar it was actually really nice, and i know the boyfriend liked the large tvs plastered everywhere.

when the boys started talking about growing ‘staches for halloween we knew it was time to head home.

day two of 4th of july celebrating was spent at the crescent hill old time 4th of july celebration.

don’t mind if i do…

it was pretty neat to stroll down through the neighborhood and hear some old timey jazz and swing bands playing, and then come upon the festival to see some very nice antique cars.

the boyfriend made out a wish list.

opie came along for the day.  he’s such a ham and loved any and all attention he received.

just like his momma.

last night we spent the remainder of the holiday out on the balcony watching fireworks from all directions.  who needs to spend several thousand dollars on fireworks when your surrounding neighbors do it for you.

we also watched the macy’s 4th of july fireworks on tv before calling it a night and finally falling asleep.

so to sum up the weekend:

firework displays: 4

bands: 3

dresses bought: zero

beers consumed: several

bug bites: infinite (i can’t stop scratching and a few might be oozing)

all in all a successful long 4th of july weekend.

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