saturday farmer’s market and grub

2 Jul

sleep felt so good this morning.  i didn’t wake up until 10.  i had told my grandma i would meet up with her to run some errands, so as soon as i got the sleepies out of my eyes i called my granny and made plans to meet her at her place.

she lives 5 miles down the road.  it’s fabulous.

my agenda for the day?  it all revolved around food.  naturally.

i wanted to go to a specific restaurant in southern indiana, and we headed that way.  unknowingly, new albany has a fantastic farmer’s market.  so to avoid missing any vendors that pack-up shop early we hoofed it over to the pavilion.

the veggies looked amazing, unfortunately no tomatoes.  i am craving heirloom tomatoes.  whole foods sell them for $5 a lb which means i can afford half an heirloom tomato.  please hurry to the farmer’s market heirloom tomats.  i want you.

the flowers looked amazing as well.

unfortunately i don’t have a decent place to plant them since i live in a condo.  i also lack a green thumb.  and motherly instincts.  i’m not real sure how i’ve kept pets alive this long.

zinnias.  love the various colors.  i want to do my kitchen/dining area in these colors.  someone help me.

so what did i buy at the farmer’s market?  everything looked great, but you either had to cook it or plant it.  i need instant gratification.  i purchased homemade and canned sweet red pepper relish.  they had probably 15 different relishes and jellies, and i tasted 85% of them before just purchasing one.  they were running out of pretzels to dip with.

i did make the effort to stop at the grocery to pick up some club crackers and cream cheese after lunch.  i spooned some relish on the cream cheese and dug in with the crackers.  oh my yum.

the boyfriend made a scrunchy face when i told him what it was. but that didn’t stop him from taking several bites and following it with a “mmm.”

i highly recommend two cookin’ sisters products from brookston, in.  if you’re in the louisville/southern indiana area check out the new albany farmer’s market to pick up one of their delicious products.  or bring your own pretzels.

now the real reason we made the trek to southern indiana…

patticakes and pies cafe!  i knew this place was really good.  my best friend and her husband had their wedding catered by patticake herself.  before the wedding, kim and i went over to patticakes to try out the food and oh my word – it is like a local panera but 10x better.

they have MANY panini sandwiches and delicious sounding salads.  today i went with what i had last time because it was so good – the veggie delight.  patticakes offers many vegetarian options and many could be made vegan, i’m sure.

the bread is to die for!  i remember asking the owner the last time i was in if the bread was made in house – it isn’t, but she shopped for delicious bread to carry for a long time.  she wanted something that no other restaurant had or could carry and she really picked a winner.  this was their sundried tomato bread that added a nice zing.

the sandwich was piled with a meaty eggplant, red onion, pickle, spinach, an aioli sauce, and melted cheesieness held it together.  i licked my plate clean.  and was then told not to worry, they have dishwashers.

patticakes offers a huge breakfast selection too and their prices are pretty comparable to what you would pay at panera – except the quality is so much better.  i see myself begging the boyfriend to make it over there for breakfast some morning.

i hope to see you there.  we can head to the farmer’s market afterwards and “sample” the spread.

2 Responses to “saturday farmer’s market and grub”

  1. Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun July 3, 2011 at 9:56 am #

    I have yet to hit up a farmers market this summer. Need to fix that!

    And oh how I love little cafes like that. Looks delicious!!!

  2. run run rachel July 3, 2011 at 10:04 am #

    i always see such beautiful farmer’s markets on the blogs – ours seem so country. it makes me want to scour the states visiting farmer’s markets.

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