thursday ramblings

30 Jun

i’m glad you decided to come back after the whole barking spider thing.

i was making my lunch this morning and i could hear those spiders in the other room.  apparently it was the cat.

moving on.

no good stories today.  just counting down the hours to the weekend.

i tend to make elaborate plans for the weekend since i have 5 lonnnnng days at work to daydream about them.

i tried to bolt my rear rack on last night for this weekend’s ride but it doesn’t seem to fit.  i specifically asked the salesman if the rack fit all townies, and he said it did.  but my townie is a little different with the 21 speeds and suspension.  i’m wondering if my frame is wider than the others.  i’m sure i could jimmy the rack to fit – but i can jimmy a much cheaper rack to fit if that’s the case.

i also discovered in my search for rear bike baskets a company that has been making bike baskets since the early 1900’s – and they’re located in maysville, ky!  i think that’s pretty cool and i really like the look of their products.  i’m hoping to find a retailer nearby that has several of their products so i can test them out.

if you like locally made products or just plain bored, head over to the wald website to read about their heritage and check out their gear.  some of their baskets and their bags are made at other facilities, but i believe it’s all 100% USA made.  don’t quote me on that, though.

the plan is to take the bikes on sunday morning regardless of the rack situation.  after a good sweaty ride (the temps are supposed to be in the low 90’s) we’re planning on cleaning up and heading down to the waterfront for the bands and fireworks.

the band perry will be headlining that night and it’s free.  double score.  the boyfriend also seems to like a couple of the band perry songs.  triple score.

sunday or monday morning i will be heading into work.  boo.  but it’s month end and the holiday really messes up deadline.  on the bright side, i only have to come in and get the most important things done which will only take 3-4 hours, and then i get to use my FULL holiday any other time i want.

plans for monday include another music filled day accompanied with crafts at the crestwood arts fair – there’s also a doggie show with many different categories to enter.  trying to decide if opie needs to compete.  maybe we’ll win the look-alike contest.

and i’m sure there will be some family time mixed in there somewhere.  other than that i’m sure i’ll have lots of pictures from the weekend come tuesday.

also.  i would like to mention.  all the teachers out there – i never want to hear you complain about your job.

not that i don’t think you put up with a lot…but…

my mom is currently texting me what’s happening on judge joe brown.  must be nice to have the summer off.

2 Responses to “thursday ramblings”

  1. Stephanie @ The Cookie Battle June 30, 2011 at 10:16 am #

    It could be worse. She could be watching Judge Judy. At least Joe Brown isn’t all shreaky. Not that I know that for a fact or anything.

  2. run run rachel June 30, 2011 at 10:54 am #

    haha – you can ask any of my family – there was a time when i aspired to be judge judy. shrieky and mean. ask the boyfriend and i might possess those qualities at times.

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