bike gang

28 Jun

it’s only tuesday and i’m daydreaming about the weekend.  ever since the boyfriend got his own bike, i’ve been itching to ride mine more.

by no means are we cycling at 16 mph and riding for 20+ miles.  we have old people bikes.

i believe our average speed was 7.8 mph when we rode on sunday.

side note: let’s start a bike gang.  only, we’ll wear summer dresses and flip flops.  and ring our bike bells loudly.

i don’t care if we look like old people, i mean, one of us IS in a different age bracket these days, these bikes are awesome!  they are the most relaxed ride.  if you haven’t checked out you need to.  the bikes are designed to be peddled as you sit upright with your feet positioned forward.  there is no lower back strain, and you are pedaling with a flat foot.

when i purchased my bike i knew i didn’t want to spend 2k on a racing bike.  1. i don’t have 2 grand and 2. i’m not out to do any bike races.  i wanted a bike for leisure.  something i could take out, ride to a local bar or restaurant and be able to look casual on it as i did so.

many of the beach cruisers you will find out there will be single speed bikes – which is great if you live at the beach.  i live in kentucky and we have some serious hills.  electra offers many different models that offer varying gears.  mine happens to be a 21 speed, but the boyfriend opted for the 3 speed.  the 3i electra models have a gear system that is maintained within the hub and creates a sleeker appearance whereas my bike uses the derailleur gear system – probably what you’re used to seeing where the chain is “derailed” to one sprocket to the other.  if i were to do it over again, i might look more at the 3i models because the boyfriend hasn’t had any real need for the extra gears and it does make the bike look less cluttered.  the cost for each of our bikes was pretty similar.  his is a men’s model and mine is a women’s – but the bikes are about the same size – mine only has the step through on the body and his looks more like a traditional bike body.  the noticeable upgrade on my bike is the suspension – which can be a blessing when riding through neighborhoods and coming on and off curbs :)

My favorite part about these bikes…the customization!!!  Some come pretty decked out already

but i like working with a clean slate.

i hadn’t bought anything special for my bike until yesterday.  i was trying to decide if i wanted a front basket or a rear rack.  sure, the baskets are cute, and i still want one to hold my purse, camera, and a water, but the front baskets don’t have the carrying capacity of a rear rack.  the rear rack allows for baskets, pannier bags, crates…basically anything you can zip tie on it.  the baskets i checked out yesterday at scheller’s had a carrying capacity of 11 pounds.  the rear rack can hold 55.  i would have bought both, but these things aren’t cheap.

i went with the rear rack.  i’m thinking about an old milk crate to strap on it.

or would that make me look like a crazy bag lady?

also.  does anyone give away milk crates?  i doubt it, but it’s worth asking.

so now that i have purchased my first accessory, the plan is to take the bikes out this weekend along the finished part of the louisville loop.  we’ll probably start at the west end and ride 8-10 miles north before turning around and heading back.  i’ve never done any part of the loop but i’m assuming it’s all pretty flat if it stays so close to the river.  perfect.  and now that i have a great carrying option, the boyfriend and i can pack a lunch and a blanket and have a picnic.

or.  we can ride back to the car and eat at my favorite cane run rd establishment.

only…29 more work hours left for the week.


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